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Mini Cooper battery Replacement:2007-2013 (R56)

Mini Cooper battery Replacement

Mini Cooper battery Replacement

I thought that I would include the Mini Cooper in the “battery replacement series.” Because it is a very popular car, there are now many second- and third-hand cars on the road. thus aiding the DIY motorist.

The battery on this particular model can be fitted in two places. One is in the car’s boot, and the most common one is under the car’s bonnet (hood). First, you have to lift the bonnet.

The battery is located under a plastic cover near the windscreen.

There are two 10 mm bolts holding this plastic cover in place, so take them out. The plastic cover can then be removed. so expose the old battery that requires replacing.

New style BMW Mini Cooper for a new battery fitted
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A bad alternator will allow you to drive your Mini, but only for a limited distance. Since the battery is now the only source of power for all the on-board electrical controls and accessories, the battery charge will decrease as you drive. The engine will cut off if the battery charge drops too low, leaving you stranded.

A ground connection,

sometimes known as the negative terminal of the battery, is linked to the Mini’s body or chassis. Additionally, the engine needs a ground connection to operate. However, due to the engine’s mounting, the electrical current cannot pass between the engine and the body (due to non-conductive rubber-insulated engine mounts). The connection between the engine and the chassis is made for this reason using a ground strap or wire.

Except in AGM batteries,

Battery corrosion is a very typical issue, especially if the installed battery is older than two years. This can be seen as a white powdery substance on the battery terminals. When battery acid interacts with the metal terminals, corrosion results.

This can cause a loss of contact and reduced current flow. The battery won’t be adequately charged if there is insufficient current flow, which could lead to issues with the engine starting. If all these things are checked and look good, then it is time to change the battery.

Front hold-down: Mini Cooper battery Replacement

A front holddown holds the battery down. This is a long bolt that fixes the battery to the car firmly. This is another 10 mm bolt and should be removed.

The battery can now be moved around. However, you must now disconnect the battery terminals. starting with the negative first, followed by the positive terminal. The standard battery for this model is UK part number 075.

However, things are changing in car design and development all the time. especially with start-stop technology. So the car owner should double-check the old battery part number and replace it with the correct Mini Cooper battery replacement number.

pressing his start stop button
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Also, stop -start car batteries are usually AGM batteries. This will say AGM clearly on the battery casing.

Refit the new battery in reverse order. Please make sure to clean the area where the plastic cover butts up to the windscreen. Old leaves can become a problem. Old leaves have been known to cause windscreen leakages. So it is important to do a good job and clean the area before rebuilding the battery.

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