Mobility Scooter Batteries Turned Down-why is my mobility scooter going slow

Mobility Scooter Batteries Turned Down: Why is my mobility scooter going slow?

Mobility Scooter Batteries Turned Down

Mobility Scooter Batteries Turned Down

Listen up, everyone, because I need to talk to you about something that has been bothering me in recent times. Imagine the following scenario: you are travelling through a region that has a limited supply of resources, and you must rely on a mobility scooter or an electric wheelchair to get around. Imagine for a moment that your only means of support, the battery that powers your device, has suddenly stopped working. It’s a shame, isn’t it? But you know what’s even more discouraging than that? Many people in economically disadvantaged nations do not have the financial means to purchase new batteries. To be serious, let’s investigate the reason for it.

To begin, the price of a brand-new battery is exorbitantly high.

To tell the truth, it’s usually the equivalent of a month’s salary, or even more, for people living in less developed countries. And I’m not talking about any ordinary battery here; this one is quite special. These are specialised batteries created specifically for use in medical devices. Expensive? To an unbelievable degree.

Second, let’s take into account any applicable import levies.

A good number of these nations are forced to import the batteries, and you can bet your bottom dollar that their import duties are severe. I mean, do these governments even bother to consider how the most vulnerable members of their populations will be affected by these tariffs? I think not.

Now, there are those who will argue,

“Why not use a regular car battery instead? It’s cheaper.” Oh, that things could be so straightforward! You need to understand that medical equipment frequently calls for batteries with very specific voltage and current ratings. Simply inserting any old battery will not do the trick. You run the risk of causing damage to the device, and even worse, you could endanger the user’s safety. Not even close, Jose.

The question is, what exactly is the answer?

Thankfully, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and charitable organisations are doing what they can. They will occasionally offer batteries at subsidised prices or even for free in some cases. Although it’s only a drop in the bucket, it’s a start. In addition, there are a number of start-up companies that are taking innovative steps towards the production of batteries that are both cost-effective and long-lasting. They are, in all honesty, the unsung heroes.

But let’s not kid ourselves;

the responsibility shouldn’t fall solely on non-profit organisations and new businesses. It is imperative that governments take action, reduce those taxes, and provide subsidies. Let’s get real here; we’re talking about a requirement of the highest importance!

So, there you have it.

The unfortunate truth behind why people living in less developed nations are unable to simply run out and buy new batteries for their mobility aids. Let’s not forget that there are some people who are quite literally stranded and waiting for a rescue while we discuss new battery technology and innovations. Let’s get this sorted out. Do you agree?

Larry’s Manius’ wife, Cindy,

has lung tumours that make it a challenge to breathe and a struggle to get around. Cindy said she starts losing her breath after walking more than half a block, and sometimes she loses her balance. I have a tendency to tip over.

Of course, this is another one of those sad stories. So, that comes out of the world of disabled people. It appears that when you are down, you are down. Sadly, some people can’t get much lower. This story is no different. So, this lady was given, free of charge, a very nice mobility scooter. To use because of her disability. The downside was that the mobility scooter batteries were missing.

In America, they rely very much on “Medicare” a government medical insurance scheme.

A local doctor gave the couple a prescription for the two batteries. Imagine that in the UK. Unfortunately, they could not draw the goods from the prescription. meaning that the scooter was hopeless without batteries.

The latest that I have heard is that the couple is appealing the decision. Lastly, I cannot believe that money can’t be raised to buy them a couple of mobility scooter batteries for their machine.

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Source: Couple caught in Medicare dilemma over need for 2 mobility scooter batteries | KOMO

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