Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

This is a useful video, in my opinion. since selling mobility scooter and electric wheelchair batteries online. So, I am coming to terms with the difficulties that disabled people find in changing or testing their mobility scooter batteries.

It is important to regularly examine your power chair battery charger. Performing inspections is key for not only the functioning of your mobility scooter but also for your safety. Consistent servicing of the charger helps to preserve the lifespan of the battery. This ultimately causes your equipment to run at peak efficiency. Routine charger monitoring prevents unwanted surprises like overcharging or undercharging, which can adversely affect your scooter’s battery life. Long-lasting battery performance ensures you can use your scooter for extended periods.

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check
Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

Smooth Mobility-Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

How disappointing would it be to plan a day out and have your scooter battery fail? With regular charger checks, you don’t need to worry about this happening. Keeping your charger in great condition gives you peace of mind and keeps your independence intact.

Lower Expenses

Frequent battery charger inspections allow you to catch any problems before they become too costly. It is much more cost-effective to tackle any problems that come up rather than buy a new battery or even a whole new scooter.

It is important to be proactive and have your Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check often for things like frayed wires, improper connections, and broken components to minimise potential safety issues like fire or electric shock. It is crucial that you address any issues with your scooter battery charger as soon as possible in order to remain secure.

Furthermore, a well-maintained charger is much more energy-efficient and can help reduce your carbon footprint while promoting eco-friendly practices. To sum up, regular inspections of your battery charger are necessary in order to ensure you are safe and remain environmentally conscious.

It is beneficial to make certain that a regular inspection takes place

This can increase the life of the batteries, guarantee effortless transportation, help you save money, enhance safety, and bring about an environmentally friendly strategy. This is a straightforward yet essential service that must not be overlooked. Set up typical inspections and gain from all the positive results they provide.

Even the smaller 12 volt, 12 AH batteries are heavy to carry. Of course, some of the bigger batteries are a struggle to lift and carry for most people. Because of this, I would recommend asking a friend or relative to help you test and remove your old scooter batteries. Electric wheelchairs have the same problems.

Since selling mobility products, I am learning all the time !

In my opinion, Mobility Scooter are very well designed. However, I find some scooter batteries hidden away in a plastic box. making access to the batteries very difficult. In fact, we do help people with scooters fit the batteries that they buy.

To put it another way, these plastic boxes with hidden screws are difficult to get into for able-bodied people! Recently, a customer at our Halifax base, called in to have some mobility scooter batteries fitted. (We do offer this service for customer callers.) So, the black box was held together with some very deeply set Phillips screws.

To get at these, we had to make a screwdriver with a very long shaft. In fact, the only way we could do this was to weld a long metal rod to a screwdriver. Of course, this did the trick, but the guy could not have done this alone. However, for the disabled people who are also handymen, I recommend that you look at this video.

Some useful advice about fitting your scooter battery

Up to 80% of the energy in your old mobility scooter battery is still present. This is enough to deliver a safe shock. Or a spark powerful enough to start a combustible gas. Please remember, if you aren’t completely confident in your skills, don’t try to replace it yourself. Asking a helper to carry out the difficult tasks is quite acceptable.

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

Take your mobility scooter outside, where there is plenty of fresh air. Put on rubberized gloves, shoes, and full eye protection.

1-To work on the battery connections, remove the seat.
2-Remove the battery cover and the seat locating pin.
3-Examine the battery to look for any indications of leaks, cracks, or other damage.
4- Importantly, if something doesn’t seem right or you smell harmful gases, stop working on your task immediately. Don’t risk it, please. Ask for advice by calling the business that looks after your mobility scooter. However, if you are certain that everything is in order, proceed as follows:

Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check
Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check

5-To isolate it and prevent a potential short circuit, loosen and remove the wire leading to the negative terminal (black; check for the negative symbol) first.
6-Repeat the operation with the positive terminal’s wire (red; look for the positive symbol). This terminal should be wrapped in something to avoid accidental contact.
7-The strap(s) holding the battery in place should be loosened and removed. The mobility scooter can then be laid down in a secure location after the battery has been removed.

Otherwise, as I said earlier, find a good friend or relative who is willing and able to help you. After all, these batteries are very heavy and, of course, electrical! Having a Mobility Scooter Battery-Charger Check will make sure that the charging system is working and safe to operate.

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