Mobility Scooter battery sales- Still slow

Mobility Scooter battery sales

Mobility Scooter battery sales
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Mobility Scooter battery sales

I had to start by stringing some mobility battery posts together. The reason is that we are still locked into this dreadful pandemic.

Most of our mobility scooter drivers have been confined to their homes. I, too, am no spring chicken and am fortunate enough to have no disability issues apart from arthritic knees.

Consequently, many of our customers have been locked down. Mobility Scooter battery sales

Unable to carry out the normal and regular trips out, say to the shops or to visit a friend or relative,

Electric wheelchairs are classified as well. Because hospitals have been off-limits to anything other than COVID-19 victims, wheelchair users have also been confined to their homes.

However, we have recently seen a slight improvement in certain battery part numbers. For instance, the Lucas 22 Ah batteries are moving well. Some mobility scooter users are transitioning from indoors to outdoors.

Make sure your battery is charged while in lockdown!

I have talked about this simple thing on many occasions. particularly during the winter period. So, scooter and wheelchair batteries should be maintained when not in use. Importantly, this includes lockdown!

Sometimes, I wonder if the situation will ever get back to normal! However, on a few recent visits to coastal towns, I have noticed a slight increase in Mobility Scooter battery sales. I recently visited “Seahouses,” a beautiful coastal harbour town in the north of England.

Northumberland, to be precise. Mobility Scooter battery sales

My wife Michelle and I decided to take a short break and rented a small cottage near the sea.

So, we really love this part of the world and often visit nearby towns such as Seahouses. On this particular day, the weather was perfect for a stroll around the harbour, followed by some wonderful “fish and chips” for lunch.

Because of COVID, we had to eat outdoors, but that was no problem. Because I sell mobility scooter batteries, that’s the first thing I look out for. Especially the new larger scooters that operate on 2 x 85Ah mobility agm batteries

This day was to be full of retired people enjoying the spring sunshine.

The UK has had one of the coldest Aprils on record, and the warmth from the sun was most welcome. Mobility scooters were plentiful, and this was excellent to see. People are out enjoying themselves after this disastrous pandemic has had us all under its grip.

Okay, let’s get this show on the road, shall we? However, this time there are more types of vehicles than just cars and bikes sharing the asphalt.

There are people moving around on mobility scooters. The real deal Why? COVID. People are definitely giving more thought to the pandemic. Isolation is difficult, but what is more difficult? A sense of being marooned.

People stayed indoors while COVID was in effect.

Obviously. The same can be said for mobility scooters. Sadly, it’s collecting dust. There was an abundance of fear. Fear of the unknown as well as the possibility of infection However, production of vaccines has recently begun.

The numbers have dropped. Most people have removed their masks. So, what exactly is the buzz about? The comeback of the mobility scooter, baby! Not in a cowardly manner, but with bravery.

To begin, there is the group of people who have been immunised.

first shot, second shot, and maybe even a booster to top it off. They have every reason to feel secure in their situation. And they have people to see and places to hurry to get to.

They protect themselves with the vaccine. It gives one more power. As a result, they are reclaiming their independence by mounting their scooters and riding away.

How’s your mental health? Mobility Scooter battery sales

Oh, let’s have a conversation about that. Even though staying inside was required, it was still a mental slog. Let’s face it. Regaining one’s mental health has become the primary focus at this point.

Sunlight, unpolluted air, and the company of other people That cannot be quantified in any way, shape, or form. In all seriousness, you cannot.

The issue of accessibility is a separate one. Mobility Scooter battery sales

Not everyone is comfortable riding public transportation. Particularly in a world where COVID has been eradicated. It’s a tight squeeze, and it’s shared.

To tell you the truth, it’s a cesspool of germs. Scooters for the disabled? Your private sphere will never be made public. There will be no awkward close-ups or shared air. Tidy and uncluttered. Every single day is like going on a short vacation by car. Imagine that happening.

Oh, and could we please have a conversation about the economy?

Always listen to what the money says. The cost of fuel? Soaring. Maintenance? Don’t even get me going on this one. Scooters are a dream come true when it comes to saving money.

Put them on charge, and you’re good to go. Your wallet expresses its gratitude, and your state of mind rejoices in its success.

Let’s not forget to give a shout-out to the advances in technology, either. These scooters aren’t like the cumbersome contraptions that were available in the past.

Nope. They have a slim profile. They have a strong build. Some even come equipped with Bluetooth and GPS. Skill with technology is combined with common sense. It’s like having a Tesla when it comes to mobility aids. That is so awesome to hear.

After the COVID, then, why are people driving mobility scooters at such high speeds?

Simple. It’s the perfect combination of being protected, having some independence, and having unadulterated fun.

You are not simply going from Point A to Point B on this journey. You are taking life by the horns, redefining what it means to be mobile, and moving at your own pace.

What is the upshot?

Scooters are more than just a handy mode of transportation. They make a point in some way. A proclamation that asserts, “Hello, everyone. I’m here, and I won’t back down from this fight. Not now, and not at any time.”

That right there is what I refer to as a post-COVID renaissance.

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