Mobility scooter theft

Mobility scooter theft

Mobility scooter theft

A disabled man whose mobility scooter was stolen after he dropped into a café for a cup of coffee has condemned the thieves for targeting the disabled.

The stealing of motor scooters from outside shops has recently become more common. People used to respect the elderly and the disabled, and the only thing that they are able to get is now under attack. Of course, it’s easy to believe that nobody would be so uncaring as to steal a mobility scooter. Recently, though, it happens all the time.

Criminals have now cottoned on.Mobility scooter theft

to the fact that these scooters have a quick turnaround value. Thieves know they are expensive devices and know they can sell them for a quick profit. like many things that are targets for thieves. Then mobility scooter users will have to start taking security measures. So if you start taking security steps now, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your scooter is safe wherever you leave it.

Mobility scooter theft
Mobility Scooters Market Growth

Making your scooter safer in Four steps?

1. Buy a scooter with an ignition key.

Many brands of scooters now come with an ignition key as standard. But key ignition systems are one of the most common upgrades that people make to mobility scooters after they buy them. Many scooters are too easy to start without authorization, but a key will ensure that nobody tampers with your scooter.

Of course, a key switch can not stop theft in freewheel mode, but it can do the job for casual thefts . So, the nearest comparison that I know about is my ride on a lawn mower. These machines make it more difficult to steel them when the ignition is switched off and the key is taken out.

Although there are most likely numerous ways

to steal mobility scooters,. So, it’s the ones left outside shops that concern me most. When the scooter is in freewheel mode, it can be just pushed away. Consequently, if the key is left in the ignition, can the scooter just be driven away? I think that carelessness is probably one of the main reasons of Mobility scooter theft .

Push bikes were a prime example? we could leave them anywhere at one time. Then thieves discovered that they were an easy steal and we then had to use chains to try and prevent this. Everything that moves is a target.

2 Try a bike lock?

Sometimes a bike lock is all it takes to make a criminal think twice. Thus, about committing such an obvious theft. People will turn their heads and assume that a freewheeling scooter is just broken down. Or is being picked up for repairs. But there is no mistake: somebody cutting a lock is likely a thief. This takes me back to the bikes? a chain may be possible to fit on your scooter’s wheels. If so, why not try it?

3 Disconnect the battery

Many mobility scooters have found bike locks to be a surprisingly effective deterrent. Most scooter thefts are crimes of opportunity .The ignition-battery disconnect system will stop most of these opportunists. Subsequently, those who know scooters also know that they can just pop it into freewheel mode and load it on a trailer. Just the same as steeling a ride on lawn mower.

To finalise? Can thieves steal mobility scooters and sell the parts? They are stripped down and sold on, especially the mobility scooter batteries. These batteries are easily sold on to another unsuspecting scooter owner.

4 Have a Tracker Fitted

This is the final and probably most effective way to catch the people who steal these precious disability aids for profit. Trackers are now fitted to many things and can be fitted to your mobility scooter or valuable wheelchair to try prevent Mobility scooter theft .

Mobility scooter theft victim says crime is hitting disabled

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