Mobility Scooter Users Take triple Covid 19 Whammy

Mobility Scooter Users

Mobility Scooter Users

Mobility Scooter Users

I must admit that I am struggling to find any good mobility Mobility Scooter Users stories to write about. Of course, the terrible COVID-19 pandemic that has affected us all has hampered us all. Sadly, we must all have noticed the definite lack of people driving about on their very valuable mobility scooters. We have also noticed a drop in our mobility battery sales.

So, the sales drop has encouraged me to look into the reasons for a drop in sales. However, it does not take long to see! For the first time ever, Britain became involved in a national lockdown. Exemptions were given to certain groups of workers. This includes online businesses like ours (

Disabled and elderly people were soon to fall into the worst category concerning COVID infections and, unfortunately, deaths. Care homes were the first places to be badly affected, and many COVID victims passed away. Electric wheelchairs and Mobility Scooter Users were locked away as fear spread among the elderly, who were the main users.

No more shopping trips! Mobility Scooter Users

Driving around on your mobility scooter has suddenly become obsolete. Mobility Scooter Users, were locked away or parked outside and protected by plastic covers. My concern will be the scooters’ battery condition after this dreadful pandemic ends and we are all released again.

The lifeline for these people will once again be given to them. So, the trip to the shops could resume again in the near future. My own opinion is that the people who survived the pandemic will be very nervous and cautious about their travel.

So, as confidence grows, so will the use of mobility scooters.

However, it will be a slow process as the illness drifts into the past.

The fantastic supermarket delivery service, which gained popularity, provided excellent service to mobility scooter users who were housebound. In my opinion, this will become more of the norm going forward, with scooter users staying at home as much as possible.

Open spaces will be the target for a drive out on your mobility scooter. Mobility Scooter Users

Especially for those who looked after their scooter batteries during the lockdown. Parks and open spaces will be very popular and regular places to visit.

Shopping centres will be the places to avoid. Places where there are large numbers of people will be out of bounds for scooter owners.

My own experience has shown that every time I visited a famous shopping mall in Sheffield (Meadowhall) , I came away with a bad cold . In my opinion, the elderly and the disabled should stay away from these locations because they are germ breeding grounds.

Young and healthy people can shop until they drop without being affected.

However, we elderly people should beware and stay in open spaces. So avoid catching the dreaded COVID-19 illness and any other cold or flu bug that may be hanging around.

Finally, I am convinced that mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs will be less visible in the near future. as the drivers take more care with their travel plans and avoid crowded places.

After the Pandemic

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today, let’s talk about something close to our hearts: mobility scooters and how they’ve evolved since the COVID outbreak. Hasn’t it been a bit of a rocky trip, though?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room:

social alienation. Remember queuing at the post office and attempting to stay two metres apart? For scooter users, this meant more than simply a shuffle. It entailed manoeuvring through tighter areas and remaining acutely aware of those around you. But, guess what? It also caused some favourable improvements. Businesses and public areas began to recognise the need for accessibility. Wider aisles and increased ramp access? Yes, please.

Now, onto technology.

Guess what happened after everyone and their dog went online during the lockdown? That’s correct, our reliable mobility scooters! Manufacturers began adding innovative technological features. We’re talking USB charging ports (great for your phone), extended battery life (longer adventures ahead!), and even GPS systems (no more getting lost on the way to the chippy).

However, it was not only about the scooters. The manner in which we shop for and service them has also evolved. With many of us staying indoors, internet shopping for scooters and parts has become the norm. What about services? They became intelligent. Mobile mechanics emerged, providing at-home services. No more going to the garage with a faulty wheel!

Now, a little history for you.

Did you know that the first electric wheelchair was developed in the early twentieth century? Fast forward to now, and we have mobility scooters that would stun the early creators. It’s like comparing a penny farthing to a contemporary race bike!

And let us not forget about community spirit. Throughout the pandemic, we witnessed wonderful gestures of charity. Neighbours are checking in on each other, going shopping, or simply having a conversation across the fence. For many mobility scooter riders, this sense of camaraderie provided a lifeline.

Finally, an homage to our wonderful United Kingdom.

Mobility scooters can now be seen everywhere, from the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales to the bustling streets of London. They are more than just a method of transportation; they are a passport to freedom and independence.

So there you have it.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but the world of mobility scooters is moving forward. Better technology, increased accessibility, and a stronger sense of community are all occurring! Continue scooting carefully, and remember that every journey is an adventure. Cheerio!

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