Mobility Scooters on Planes-Can You Bring a Mobility Scooter on a Plane When Traveling?

Mobility Scooters on Planes

Mobility Scooters on Planes
Lithium-Ion Batteries

Mobility Scooters on Planes

This is a good subject to write about! So, more and more disabled people are travelling to different parts of the world. Specialist travel companies can now offer people with wheelchairs and mobility scooters holiday options. Of course, this will include flying!

As to the question, can mobility scooters go on planes?

The answer is “probably.” I know that people are always hearing about lithium-ion batteries causing problems! However, whatever kind of batteries you may have, you can fly regardless of the kind of battery—lead acid or lithium.  All batteries used to power the scooters are non-spillable AGM batteries.

Incidentally, disabled people are

allowed under Federal Air Travel Management (FAA) laws. That being said, keep in mind that different airlines have different plans regarding some scooters. My advice would be to check with the airline before travelling. So, with some airlines requiring the movement scooters to be inspected as luggage,

As an update, due to the “Corvid 19” pandemic, air travel has been considerably reduced. In my opinion, it is even more important to check with the airline. Hence, your wheelchair accessibility on the planes

Can You Bring a Mobility Scooter on a Plane When Traveling?

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