can electric cars really save you money?

More About Electric Cars

More About Electric Cars

More About Electric Cars

More About Electric Cars

I must admit that as I drive about Undoubtedly, there are more electric and hybrid cars on our roads. Of course, only a small amount, but never the less growing. However, it is not surprising that this type of car ownership is growing. Hence, with the amount of money that is thrown at promoting these electric car products,

We can all remember the publicity surrounding diesel cars and vans. Accordingly, way back in 2004, Diesel cars were the cleanest and most efficient vehicles on our roads. Now look? Spring us forward to 2017, and the governments are now saying that they are the worst polluters and are to be banned from our city centres. Who should we believe?

As a result of pollution from our vehicles. Then, car manufacturers have been striving to develop new innovations to clean up our engines. This article is one of the few that I personally agree with. Thus, the article points out things like the introduction of the catalytic converter. In fact, it took thirty years before Europe introduced the catalytic converter. A fact that comes out of this article

More About Electric Cars

My concept of the future vehicle electric cars driven scene is that it will be a big mix of technologies. Indeed, I hope so. because if not, there will be millions of forgotten people who now work in the auto trade. In fact, I fear that we will become the new coal mining sector of the economy. Of course, it is going to be very interesting if Donald Trump has his way. On account of his suspicions about the whole emissions debate

Mr.Trump has already stated that he will open coal mines. Plus, we have all discovered “fracking”. Fracking will undoubtedly give the world another few hundred years of oil supply. So I wonder how well electric cars will be doing then.

Foreward to 2023-More About Electric Cars

A reversal in commitments to use cleaner, renewable energy sources and a renewed dependence on fossil fuels could, without a doubt, have reverberating effects on the market for electric vehicles. You have to understand that environmental awareness and living in a way that is less harmful to the planet are at the heart of the movement towards electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a crucial part of our collective effort to lessen the impact of climate change and cut down on carbon emissions, and they play an absolutely necessary role in this effort. Therefore, when nations make the decision to return to mining coal and oil reserves, it sends a signal—and a rather loud one at that—that the urgency for finding cleaner alternatives may not be as pressing as it actually is.

More About Electric Cars
More About Electric Cars

Let’s be honest here:

So, the automotive industry is perceptive and highly attuned to the shifts, ebbs, and flows of global energy trends as well as governmental policies. A revival of the coal and oil industries has the potential to turn the tide of the entire industry. It is possible that this will slow down the progression of innovations, advancements, and the drive towards electrifying vehicles.

But there is also something to be said for the opposing viewpoint. The public demand, the continuously expanding base of conscientious consumers, they are aware, and they are discriminating. Even in the face of conflicting decisions made by governments, the general public, through the products they purchase and the opinions they express, possesses the power to drive forward the market for electric cars.

In essence,

Hence, the future of the electric car market will be determined not only by governmental policies and global trends, which both play a significant role, but also by the collective public consciousness and the choices of individual consumers. The growing demand for electric vehicles isn’t just about saving money on petrol; it’s also about contributing to a future in which the air we breathe and the earth we live on are both in better health.

Therefore, will it slow down the market for electric cars?

It’s not impossible, but we can’t say for sure either way just yet. The path to a sustainable future is still very much paved with hopes, innovations, and conscious choices despite the fact that the wheels of change are currently in motion. The trip isn’t over yet, and the final destination will make it all worthwhile in the end.

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Source: The oil industry doesn’t care about electric cars: here’s why

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