Motor-Cycle Battery Changes: IMPORTANT, New EPP Regulations | MDS Battery

Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

Motor-Cycle Battery Changes
Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

Motor-Cycle Battery Changes

In 2022, there will be changes to the law. Regarding sending acid packs to customers at home or anywhere else, for that matter. People wanting to purchase a battery and battery pack must now apply for a special licence.

Failure to do this and attempt to buy a battery acid pack will result in up to two years in prison.

Today, numerous internet stores

sell a considerable quantity of motorcycle batteries with different battery packs. The law does not permit online retailers to sell these acid packs with batteries to the general public.

Failure to comply with the rules by online businesses can result in a potential 2-year prison sentence. Although pre-filled and charged. Batteries can still be supplied or sold on a B-to-B basis.

In my opinion, there is already a solution.

Online companies are the best way to buy cheaper battery products. Of course, this is in my own interest because I own an online battery business. However, the solution is an easy one, and all is not lost for the bikers. So, Lucas Liquidfix and Numax make a great range of AGM-sealed batteries for the biker fraternity. 

Varta batteries also make the LF range of AGM batteries.

Which are completely safe and within the new law to send out to our online customers. In my opinion, these batteries are safer. Because they are sealed and spill-proof. So, if, God forbid, you had an accident, then there would be no acid leaking from your battery. Almost forgot ? Odyssey Batteries also offers a range of AGM-sealed motor cycle batteries.

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Source: IMPORTANT, New EPP Regulations | MDS Battery

So, as a 2020 update, we are now allowed to send out motorcycle and vintage batteries by courier.

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