Motorcycle batteries we cant send out

Motorbike battery Acid ban- Online Again-removed from Offensive Weapons Bill.

Motorbike battery Acid ban

Motorbike battery Acid ban

Bad news for motorcycle riders and internet battery buying.

This paragraph overrides the rest of this article. A law was introduced that requires anyone buying a motorcycle battery to have a separate acid pack attached. Before any motorcycle batteries are sold to a member of the public in the UK who does not have a current EPP licence, the store must fill them.

From July 1st, 2018, it will be against the law for a member of the public to buy a motorcycle battery that is supplied with a separate acid pack. Importantly, if they do not already have an Explosives, Precursors, and Poisons (EPP) licence, This will have a significant impact on both users and resellers of motorcycle batteries.

Fortunately, battery makers are now upgrading most of their battery sizes for motorcycles to AGM batteries. The AGM batteries can be sent out to customers via carriers and indeed are a safer choice, say in the case of an accident.

Sulphuric acid-Motorbike battery Acid ban

The classification of sulphuric acid as a controlled substance has changed. From July 1st, 2018, anyone who wishes to purchase, possess, or use sulphuric acid at a concentration greater than 15% must have an EPP licence. As the electrolyte contains sulphuric acid at a concentration above 15%, it will be illegal to purchase or possess an unfilled motorcycle battery with a separate electrolyte bottle without a valid EPP permit.

All the articles below are old news but kept for reference only

Thank goodness that rational thinking has prevailed! Due to pressure from the MCIA So, as we all know, there has been an increase in the gross act of attacking people with acid. especially in the London area. The UK government then said it would take tough steps to limit the sale of many types of acid and products that contain acid.

Known as the “Offensive Weapons Bill” this included restrictions on carrying battery acid and other weapons around on one’s person and included the sale of acid, which is sent out with dry motorcycle batteries.

Internet dry battery ban lifted

Of course, this ban affected our online sales of dry charged batteries with an acid pack attached. So, this system was first devised because free-flowing motorbike lead acid batteries often leak when sent out by couriers.

Of course, bikers can buy AGM motorcycle batteries,

such as Optima batteries, are completely sealed and were not affected. Bike batteries were charged and emptied of acid.

So, acid was sent out with the dry battery, accompanied by a plastic pack containing acid. On arrival, all that was required was for the acid to be poured into the dry battery.

After leaving for half an hour, the battery is fully charged. Then came the Motorbike battery Acid ban.

Motorcycle batteries are a large part of our business! Consequently, the Motorbike battery Acid ban wiped out a large part of our total battery business. So, it came as a shock at first, and we tried all sorts of ways to get around the problem.

All have failed! We even tested food packing machines that seal food and make it airtight. Of course, the sealing worked for a day but failed due to the chemical action of the acid and battery plates. Then the batteries gave off gases. This action broke the seal! making the sealing action useless.

However, common sense has prevailed, and due to pressure from the MCIA, the government now allows us to send out the dry batteries attached to an acid pack. GREAT NEWS!

The decision comes following hard work by the MCIA

Source: Motorbike batteries removed from Offensive Weapons Bill… | Visordown

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