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Motorhome battery charging-Including RV Converters, battery charging, blown fuses and tank cleaning.

Motorhome battery charging

Motorhome battery charging

Like any other vehicle that you may own, it is extremely important to understand how to care for your campervan or motorhome batteries.

Remember that your batteries are the “beating heart” of your vehicle’s operating and electrical systems. Of course, I have kept this relatively simple. Because the more technically minded among us can always look to the search engines for more complicated information,

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So in the following text,

I will endeavour to provide simple and common-sense information. Of course, the batteries fitted to your vehicle.

So it is very important to remember! All your batteries require regular preventative maintenance. Of course, no matter what type of vehicle you own at the time, Especially on your campervan or motorhome.

Checking your battery will prevent an impending disaster. When you could be in the middle of nowhere ! This is good advice, of course, for any owner of such a vehicle. Including those who are just “Full-Timers”, and even “Part-Timers”. I recommend that you perform the following preventive battery maintenance, as a minimum, on a regular basis:

Inspect your battery Connections

Importantly, inspect your batteries and the whole battery compartment, along with any wiring that is visible. Of course, you should always remember that in your campervan or motorhome. Will be bouncing over bumps and swaying around curves.

So, why not perform a good and thorough visual inspection of your batteries before your next trip away? You know it makes sense! Just hold any battery terminals and wires and give them a little shake. Loose ones should be fixed more securely.

This also applies to your car’s battery. Many of our customers have had their batteries changed and have been driving around with loose terminals. Adding to the premature death of the old battery.

Inspect your batteries for any visual Damage

Of course, this is for a secondary check when you arrive at your destination. Including a quick inspection after you have set up at your campsite.

This may look like going over the top! but you can save yourself a lot of heartache later. Consequently, check for such things as your wiring system, including loose wires and wires that have been worn through. Including a cracked battery case (not as common these days because of better battery designs). Naturally, you should always check for spilled battery fluid!

including battery acid build-up on your terminals (looking like a coating of white powder). Therefore, your travels on possibly very bumpy mountain tracks and roads may have been the cause of that.

Importantly, check your Battery Fluid Level if you have a screw-top battery

Many modern batteries are now semi-sealed and therefore do not require fluid levels to be checkedoever, if you have screw tops on your battery, then check all battery fluid levels and refill any cells that are low on fluid as necessary.

Of course, only with distilled water if possible ! AGM batteries that are now popular are totally sealed and consequently, do not require the levels checking.

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Motorhome battery charging-When your vehicle is not in use then “Storage Inspection” is important ?

Many campervan/motorhome drivers, will carry out this simple advice as a matter of fact ! However, not everybody thinks about such things.

We know this by the number of people ask us to deliver a new battery to camp sites and motorhome parks. So, when storing your vehicle for an extended time. Then check the batteries at least once a month. Importantly, if you are away in the wilderness with no mains electric supply .

So you can either make use of a small Solar Trickle Charger or run your generator. Of course until your batteries are fully charged. If the vehicle is parked at your home when out of use,  then a small smart charger such as a “Noco charger” will do the job admirably.

Motorhome battery charging-Even small electrical items can drain your battery called “Residual Current leakage”

Please remember, your vehicles electrical systems, even with the switches turned off ! so, will leak low currents. Of course, over time, this process will discharge your batteries.

Motorhome battery charging-Finally battery inspections when you are out camping

This follows on from an earlier paragraph ! If you are fortunate enough to be on an extended tour/holiday, say for the full summer period. Including, the lucky people who are camping at a campground for an extended time.

Then of course, importantly, check the batteries at least every 2-4 weeks. Especially the fluid levels in the cab starter batteries. Remember, although many vehicles have a duel battery system, these batteries are powering most of your lights and many appliance control systems.

So even though you are plugged into mains power system at your site. So, your batteries are constantly being re-charged. Subsequently they can lose fluids over time.

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Motorhome battery charging-Dont forget to Start your vehicles Engine Monthly ?

Also, when camping for an extended time, start your vehicles  engine at least every 30 days. Significantly, running it for at least 30 minutes. So, keeping every thing lubricated in the engine system. Including re-charging  your chassis batteries.

Hope this simple information is of use to any of the millions of campervan/motorhome users. Benefiting from this advice.

For some more electrical information in more detail then I recommend looking at the following excellent web site written by Don Bobbitt. Of course, we also recommend ApolloPower leisure batteries for your campervan or motorhome

and also Exide batteries sold on our online shop.

So here in 2022 then nothing has changed technology wise. Smart chargers are getting much better and more reliable. 

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