Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery

Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery

Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery
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Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery

So here’s a recent conversation I had about a guy wanting to buy a battery for his Mountfield lawn mower. Apparently, the guy lived in a fairly remote village in Suffolk. The town had a few shops and one of them was an old fashioned garden and hardware store.

I actually love this kind of shop. You can wander round and usually find what you are looking for. These hardware shops have also a few surprises. Things that have been in store for years, and are probably better quality than there newer equivalent items.

I am thinking of garden tools such as spades and hoes. As a keen gardener the new ones I buy only last about a year and then fall apart.

 Anyhow the guy goes on and says that he wandered along the aisles of the hardware store, on the hunt for a battery to power his Mountfield T30M ride on mower. So, at the beginning of the week, the warmth of the summer sun was unmistakable. Blinding almost, with the site of the grass sprouting and growing exponentially.

He said that after a very wet early spring the grass was getting out of control. After lunch on this very hot Suffolk day, he entered the garage only to find that the battery on his trusty Mountfield mower was completely dead.

He was annoyed at this and wished he had taken more care of the battery over the winter period. A mistake that thousands of people make every year.

© Can Stock Photo / JackF
© Can Stock Photo / JackF

So off he went to the local trusty hardware store looking for a new battery.

Upon arrival at the battery section, he was astounded by the diverse selection on offer. There were all manner of sizes, volts, and brands to select from. Luckily he had decided to take the old battery with him for comparison. This is good advice as the old and new battery can be compared side by side.

Although the store had a good selection, the Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery that he required was not in stock!

After taking some time to weigh up the options, he went back home chuntering to himself about his unfortunate luck at getting a new battery that day.

On his return home his wife of many years suggested that she would look online for him to see what could be done.

Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery
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In my opinion buying a battery online is probably the best option.

Deliveries only usually take a couple of days to most parts of the UK. This saves you from shopping around and travelling distances only to return empty handed as this guy did.

Lucky for me his wife came across my website “” and typed in the battery size that she wanted. The correct Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery, was a 12 volt 20Ah Lucas VRLA battery.

This battery also came with a 12 month guarantee and so she went onto order it. The 20Ah battery arrived two days later and was very well boxed and protected.

In summary, when it comes to buying a Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery for your mower or garden equipment, it is important to take the time to make the right choice. In my opinion the internet was made to serve communities in remote and distant places. As in this case, when the local hardware shop could not help the guy.

When ordering a new battery for any of your garden machinery all you have to do is to match the part numbers on your old battery. Commonly this will be the voltage (in this case it was 12 volts) and the ampage (in this case it was 20AH).

As a double check you could also check the Mountfield Mower Quality Lucas Battery, physical sizes, before your purchase.

If you are still not sure please ring the supplier and ask for help!

Doing your research and selecting the right battery can save you money and hassle in the long term, so make sure you make your decision carefully before you buy. With the right battery, you can enjoy reliable performance and a long service life, no matter what type of garden equipment you own.

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