Multi Wheels truck batteries

Multi Wheels Truck batteries

Multi Wheels truck batteries

Multi Wheels truck batteries

Multi Wheels truck batteries

Exide has introduced AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) technology. Of course, its proven Dual AGM battery product offering. Excitingly, it is being launched here in the UK and across all European markets this month. Importantly, the Dual AGM has the capability to deliver optimum power for long-distance trucks.

Much research

This has been the result of years of research and development work. Including cooperation with a well-known and leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer. So, product innovation is built into Exide Dual AGM batteries. Serves to deliver a battery with the capability of providing unparalleled performance.
Finally, in addition to delivering unrivalled starting power, naturally, as well as short-distance journeys in distribution traffic. including irregular driving profiles with stop-and-go traffic and daily cold starts in icy temperatures. Exide AGM has the capacity to meet the ever-increasing range of a CV’s additional electrical consumers. Of course, such things as air conditioning, auxiliary heating, refrigerators, lights, and entertainment systems
Multi Wheels truck batteries

6 Electrifying Causes for the Development of Exide’s Dual AGM Truck Battery

The motorway, ah! Long distances, strong vehicles, and the hum of travel Here comes Exide and its state-of-the-art Dual AGM truck battery offering the Multi Wheels truck batteries. But why, particularly for those enormous long-distance vehicles, this innovation? Together, let’s eagerly explore this electric mystery.

1-Long-distance journey with endless energy

It requires endurance. not only for the driver but also for the car. Because of the Dual AGM’s Multi Wheels truck batteries, continuous and dependable energy source, trucks can go further. Literally.

2-Modern trucks: More electrics, more power?

They have modern gadgets and luxuries, like mobile mini-cities. All modern entertainment systems, air conditioners, and refrigerators require power. Exide’s Dual AGM responds, providing effective

3-Vibration Resistance:

It’s not always smooth travelling on those long routes. Rugged terrain, potholes, and bumps all put the battery’s endurance to the test. The AGM technology, Multi Wheels truck batteries, which are renowned for their resistance to vibration, makes sure the battery doesn’t move. adamantly so.

4-Extra Long Life: Often Replaced?

a nightmare for long-distance travellers.

The Dual AGM Multi Wheels truck batteries, guarantees a longer lifespan thanks to its cutting-edge architecture. a reliable travel partner for those unending distances.

5-Quick Charging:

When travelling, time is of the essence. Exide is aware of this pulse. Their Dual AGM battery has a quick charge feature as a result. Less downtime means longer drives. Amazingly effective.

6-Eco-friendly Edge:

Sustainability is a commitment, not just a catchphrase.

By reducing acid leakage, AGM technology is more environmentally friendly. Exide is planning for the future as well as the present. Conscientiously.

That becomes apparent as this thrilling adventure comes to a close. Dual AGM from Exide is not just another vehicle battery. It’s a wink at the changing requirements of contemporary long-distance vehicles. The battery at the centre of these trucks keeps them powered for the journey ahead as wheels turn and horizons widen. Bravo, Exide. Keep going!

There is no doubt in my mind that Exide Batteries are leading the way in new battery design and technology. Here at, we will be supporting Exide, which in the long run should increase our battery business.

Of course, keeping up with battery makers is very important, says Eric Roberts, MD. Larger trucking companies will eventually see the benefits of such far-reaching developments. Of course, such as Exide Batteries’ products. Of course, this will eventually lead to more sales of the Exide Multi Wheels truck batteries for us as the market for such batteries increases in the near future.

Exide Dual truck batteries

Multi Wheels truck batteries
Truck Battery Alert

Wrapping up this electric escapade, it becomes clear. Exide’s Dual AGM isn’t just another truck battery. It’s a nod to the evolving needs of modern long-distance trucks. As wheels turn and horizons expand, the heart of these trucks—the battery—ensures they’re powered for the journey ahead. Hats off, Exide. Drive on!

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