Nissan Car Batteries

A short history about Nissan cars

Nissan car batteries
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Nissan Car Batteries

When Nissan realised that the little Datsun would fill a void in the Australian and UK auto markets, this little Datsun was the car that I became familiar with. The garage that I worked in also sold petrol and diesel. Occasionally, I would help at the pumps. This is where I saw my first Datsun car.

The car was a Datsun Sunny. I was in my early twenties at this time, so this car must have been one of the first to be imported into the United Kingdom. Nissan car batteries also began to give us problems at the garage. The battery shape was developed in Japan, and so it was a completely different shape and style to its European counterparts.

Of course, Nissan began to expand globally. Nissan’s first cars were shown at the Los Angeles Auto Shop in 1958, and in 1960, the company set up a subsidiary in the US. by generating more than 400,000 automobiles annually. Hence, by 2007, a Nissan plant that was constructed in England had become the highest-producing facility in Europe. Nissan sells automobiles all around the world and also operates plants there. Nissan sells more than 500,000 vehicles annually in China, where it is particularly well-liked.

Nissan Car Batteries

As a result, choosing a new Nissan car battery can be confusing. So, we have made sure the Nissan Car Batteries are clearly labelled. Of course, so that you can locate the proper car battery. Firstly, choose your engine capacity. Secondly, the year of your Nissan car choosing from the list below.

Hence, to see the batteries that may fit your vehicle, remember to check the suggested Nissan Car Batteries against your current Nissan battery. recommends ApolloPower batteries as a good mid-range battery. However, we recommend Exide batteries for quality and reliability.

So, to be sure, the Nissan Car Batteries that you have purchased is the correct battery. Always check your old Nissan Car Batteries measurements against the new battery before you purchase the battery.

At, we also stock many different brands of Nissan Car Batteries. including Lucas, Exide , Numax, Varta, Bosch, and Trojan, as well as our Apollo-Power Battery range. We also offer a collection service from our head Quarters in Pellon Tyres Halifax Yorkshire UK.

Our Yorkshire customers can even have their Nissan Car Batteries fitted. This is carried out by our qualified staff and fitting usually takes about a half hour, (This depends on the make and model of car). Hence, this Numax battery comes with twin posts and is ready to go. 

Of course mid sized car  batteries are now a huge part of our total battery business.

So, accounting for about 50% of our total sales. For this reason we try to offer the best and most varied option to our online customers. There are motorhome manufacturers that specify certain brands. Noticeably ApolloPower who offer a wide range of batteries for the car and van user!

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Nissan Car Batteries
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Nissan has been a beloved brand in the United Kingdom for many years,

The first introducing cars to the market in the 1970s. As the Japanese automaker developed its presence in Britain, its dedication to craftsmanship and innovation made it a popular choice among vehicle owners. Models such as the Micra and Sunny soon became household names.

I remember the first Nissan that I saw as a junior mechanic. The car was a Sunny and belonged to one of our petrol attendant’s husband. The car was an orange red colour. However the guy sold it soon afterwards because of some rust problems.

Nissan became a highly recognizable and trusted brand, known for its dependability, fuel-efficiency, and attractive designs. In the 1980s, they put forward a substantial effort in Britain by erecting a cutting-edge manufacturing hub in the North East of England in Sunderland.

This became one of the top car manufacturing plants in Europe, highlighting Nissan’s devotion to the UK market. Throughout the years, Nissan has continued to release exciting models to meet the needs of customers in the UK. Nissan has developed a great portfolio with the Primera, Almera, and the Qashqai, all of which have advanced features, cutting-edge tech and superior performance.

Recently, Nissan has joined the electric vehicle movement,

attaining a remarkable share of the UK’s electric car market – along with the Nissan LEAF, which is an electric hatchback that has been widely acclaimed. With a pioneering streak when it comes to electric cars, Nissan is helping the UK move towards greener mobility solutions.

Its Sunderland manufacturing facility also added to this by creating battery power sources for electrics, affirming Nissan’s dedication to protecting the environment. At present, Nissan retains an esteemed presence in the UK car market, staying ahead of the curve and evolving along with shifting trends.

Nissan cars have been a firm favourite among drivers in the UK for many years, owing to their vast selection of models, which includes electric vehicles, SUVs and crossovers. Their high quality, dependable nature and cutting-edge technology have been captivating British customers.

To sum up, Nissan’s presence in Britain has steadily become more established over time, showing an undeniable commitment to improving their vehicles and reaching the British public.