Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries

Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries: Yellow Top Optima could be the Answer?

Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries

Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries
Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries

Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries

Since I wrote this post, certain things have happened. First, COVID, and second, the war in Russia. These events have caused all sorts of problems with world trade. Many products have become “short supply” items, including some battery brands.

This includes Optima batteries. Optima batteries have been coming into the UK in small amounts, causing shortages. The date is now September 9, 2022, and things are not looking any better. Also, this article is not about the Nissan Leaf Electric car battery but about the regular petrol engine cars with a 12-volt battery fitted.

Especially when it comes to battery issues.

As a result, I found out about the problems with the Nissan Leaf batteries. Particularly the 12-volt battery.

For my readers who do not know. Then the 12-volt battery is used to power the car’s systems that need to run all the time. As a result, this includes the central locking and detesting when the charger is plugged in for the main lithium-ion battery drive unit. This makes the 12-volt Yellow Top Optima battery a very important part of the car. As a result, the car manufacturers buy the already-made-up wiring and electrical systems. These are used on standard petrol fuelled cars. Because of the amount used, this brings down the unit cost. Therefore, the same 12-volt electric systems are used on these Nissan Leafs and other similar cars.

Lead-acid batteries are therefore used for this purpose.

In my opinion, the Yellow Top Optima AGM lead-acid battery would be a better choice. In fact, I know that this has been tried out on the Carwings company-owned Nissan Leaf. Of course, this has been a success up until now. 

Optima yellow Top batteries replace the leaf battery perfectly. Offering much more power and a much deeper cycle in the battery’s life. Many Nissan Leaf customers are having the same problems. But not all are battery-oriented.

Nissan Leaf 12volt Batteries A guy on the Nissan forum had this to say-

“I have a 2015 Leaf SL, and a few weeks after getting my Carwings 3 G upgrade, I started having the same issues. My 12V battery was 2.5 years old, so I replaced it with a Nissan brand battery, but I am still having the same issues. It will work fine for a week or so, but then start to drain to zero overnight, making it completely useless the next morning.

I had it in the shop for 2 weeks; they charged me a diagnosis fee of $120 (it’s out of warranty) and eventually gave up and told me it seemed to be working fine. I took the car home, and the 12V battery was dead within a few hours.

They took the car back,

and they kept it for an additional few weeks, but they couldn’t find a cause. The Nissan engineers asked if my home had significant radio interference (which it does not). Everyone has basically given up on finding the cause, and I am stuck with a 12V battery that won’t hold it’s juice.

I had not connected the issue to the Carwings 3G upgrade until I saw this video. This must be a very widespread issue, and I hope that Nissan will come up with a fix soon. EVs are supposed to be reliable, but my car is now anything but. Has really started to sour me on the Nissan brand”….

As you can read, a very unhappy Nissan customer. In my opinion, more people should try the Optima yellow Top upgrade.

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