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Numax AGM Battery: delivered to Beautiful Shaftsbury

Numax AGM Battery

Numax AGM Battery

I shiver when we have a chance of making up a battery delivery run anywhere near the Dorset area of our wonderful UK. With the millions of people who visit the area every year, it is truly a world of countryside beauty.

You can travel back in time by visiting quaint little thatched-roof villages. This truly is a great place to visit. I am pleased that now, in my later years, I am able to do these wonderful visits and also earn a living out of them.

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Conquering the Gold Hill Climb

If you’ve ever driven through the lovely alleys of Shaftesbury, you’ll be aware of one very steep slope: the Gold Slope. It’s the kind of street that would have less robust cars gasping and sputtering before reaching the summit, as seen in the old Hovis advertisement. However, if you have a Numax AGM battery under your hood, you’ll be tackling this slope like a local.

Gold Hill’s Steep Challenge

Let’s paint a picture of Gold Hill before we get into the nitty-gritty of battery talk. It’s a cobblestone street that, in terms of steepness, could rival San Francisco’s Lombard Street. Walking up this hill can feel like gym exercise, and driving up it is a true test of endurance and power.

Why should you use Numax AGM batteries?

Why am I harping on about Numax AGM batteries for this challenge? The technology that Numax uses in these powerhouses is AGM, which stands for absorbent glass mat. This means that the battery’s electrolyte is absorbed in glass mats, making it more resilient, durable, and, most importantly, better at supplying a strong burst of energy when you need it, such as when climbing Gold Hill’s tough slopes.

When You Need It Most:Numax AGM Battery

Assume you’re in Shaftesbury, at the base of Gold Hill, about to begin your ascent. It’s a chilly morning, and you’ve turned on the heaters and turned on your headlights to cut through the mist. A Numax AGM battery excels in this application. It offers your car the extra oomph it needs to drive up the hill without stalling, ensuring you aren’t left embarrassed, clogging up traffic, and frustrating local pedestrians who have seen it all before.

Designed for British weather

We all know that the British weather can be unpredictable, especially when we’re out on the open road with a gradient that seems to defy gravity. Numax AGM batteries are built to handle this with ease. Your car will continue to run even in the midst of a downpour or a chilly breeze that makes you think of brass monkeys.

The Taste of Home

Driving through Shaftesbury, with its scenic setting and historic allure, is about taking in the scenery, learning about the history, and, of course, conquering Gold Hill. With a Numax AGM battery, you can concentrate on the scenery and the charm of the town without worrying about your vehicle’s endurance. Plus, think about the stories you’ll be able to tell once you’ve climbed the hill without incident—it’s a minor win, but it’s a success nonetheless.

Finishing Up:Numax AGM Battery

In summary, installing a Numax AGM battery in your vehicle means you’re prepared for the severe obstacles that British roads like Gold Hill might provide. It’s about more than just going from point A to point B; it’s about doing it with assurance, dependability, and a nod to the beautiful surroundings.

So, the next time you’re travelling to Shaftesbury or any other uphill challenge, remember that with a Numax AGM battery, you’re not just driving; you’re starting on a journey steeped in history, and your car is just as excited as you are.

Drive safely, have fun, and raise a glass to the simple battery that makes such journeys a pleasure—or, should I say, a lovely uphill drive! Cheers!

Selling Numax batteries all over the mainland UK has opened my eyes to the beauty of the British countryside. Last week was no exception, with mixed types of batteries in the Dorset area. Of course, this is a long journey from my beloved Yorkshire. However, with a little planning and an early start, the trip is comfortable.

Gold Hill
© Can Stock Photo / ianwool

One of the batteries was a Numax 019 AGM battery for a customer in the market town of Shaftsbury. I was very much looking forward to this, as it was to be my second visit. My last visit was late in the day, and I never gave myself time to have a look around.

This time, I needed to see one of the most photographed streets in the United Kingdom.

This was to be “Gold Hill.” Gold Hill was famous for the filming of the wonderful “Hovis” bread ads in the early 1970s. The ads are now considered classics and are still wonderful to watch on YouTube.

I parked my van and made my way to the top of the hill! What a wonderful site! It was just the same today as it was then. I must confess that a little tear filled my eyes. I delivered my Numax 019 AGM battery to a lady customer who lived about a mile away from Gold Hill and was quickly off to my next delivery about five miles away.

What a great start to the day!



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