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Numax Boat Batteries delivered to Thames and Kennet Marina

Numax Boat Batteries

Numax Boat Batteries

My latest expedition took me across the south-west of England ! Importantly, starting my battery delivery run in a marina close to Reading. Turning down a small tarmac road I headed for the Thames & Kennet Marina. This marina is of course based just outside Reading in a nature reserve. Incorporating a narrow boat and cruiser boat marina.

The previous day I had visited the impressive Chatham marina in Kent. However, what I was about to witness was a real eye opener ! Significantly, I was highly impressed with the shear size of this boating facility. This marina has the ability to cater for a number of types of boats. Including Dutch barges ! Hence this facility is unique in the area . Having the best access to the Thames River and Kennet and Avon canal. As a facility, all amenities are up to date and as a part of the Tingdene Group of companies. Looking across the marina you could see that the  standards were very high. With many of the cruiser boats costing up to a £1 million.

Narrowboat Batteries at a Glance

Most marinas that I visit are very well kept and a pleasure to visit.

Because I arrived early then the reception was closed. Fortunately, one of the boaters was an early riser . After a polite greeting and a chat . So, I told him that I had a delivery of XV31MF ApolloPower batteries for one of the boats. I always take my customers phone number ! However my customer did not answer his phone.

The facility has two specific marinas, ample parking and easy access for numerous areas in and around Reading . Of course,  this site has everything a boater may want and probably more. The guy told me that the marina was split into two a narrow boat section and the rest is a cruiser marina. The cruiser marina is able to accommodate a wide range of craft ? Of course from the small day boat to the enormous Dutch barges.

I must admit that going forward to 2023,Numax Boat Batteries

then the amount of people owning boats is on the increase. Sales of batteries suitable for boats have certainly increased in recent months as boat owner prepare for their holiday seasons and start to plan the destination the choose.

Many boat owner are happy to just sit around on their boats for the holiday period. More adventurist people explore the thousands of miles of canals and navigable rivers that adorn this green and pleasant land of ours.

I recon that water leisure craft cruising must be one of the most exhilarating pastimes and at the same time relaxing and messing about on the waterways of our great island.

So, the guy that I was chatting to was actually one of the marinas maintenance men.

Surprisingly, he actually knew who my customer was ! What a relief ! My customer was in the business of fitting out boats with new equipment. Hence the new boat batteries that I was delivering. After a second attempt to call him, he then answered his phone.

My customer, Mark told me that he used many new batteries on his boat refurbishments. So, we exchanged pleasantries and loaded the 4 x XV31MF ApolloPower batteries onto his small trailer.

After taking some pictures of this wonderful boat facility . Then I sped off to my next delivery. So, my day ended up in Liverpool with a delivery of 4 x 110 Lucas premium batteries to a small garage.

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