Numax Leisure Batteries

Numax Leisure Batteries

Numax is a brand of batteries that offers a variety of types of batteries for different applications. Some of the types of Numax Leisure Batteries that are available include:

  1. Lead-acid batteries: These are commonly used in vehicles such as cars, trucks, and boats. They are also used in solar panels, backup power systems, and other applications where a deep-cycle battery is needed.
  2. Sealed lead-acid batteries: These are similar to lead-acid batteries but are sealed, meaning they do not require maintenance such as adding water. They are often used in applications where the battery is not easily accessible or where maintenance is not practical. Particular uses include for disability scooters and electric wheelchairs.
  3. Gel batteries: These are sealed lead-acid batteries that use a gel instead of acid to generate electricity. They are often used in applications where the battery may be exposed to vibration or movement, as the gel helps to reduce movement and maintain stability.
  4. Lithium-ion batteries: These are rechargeable batteries that use lithium-ion chemistry to store energy. They are commonly used in portable electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops, as well as in electric vehicles. Still expensive to buy,but becoming more popular as time goes by.
  5. Nickel-metal hydride batteries: These are rechargeable batteries that use a nickel-metal hydride chemistry to store energy. They are commonly used in portable electronic devices, as well as in hybrid electric vehicles.

It’s worth noting that Numax also offers a range of battery chargers and accessories, including jump starters, inverters, and Numax Leisure Batteries testers.

Numax Leisure batteries

Of course, the Numax Leisure Batteries brand was first introduced in 2002. So, over the last decade, the brand has become a well-known and significant battery brand. especially in the leisure battery market. in general, due to great marketing at the caravan and motorhome shows. So, it has also established itself as the UK’s premier range of leisure batteries and marine batteries.

Popular leisure/marine battery part numbers-Numax Leisure Batteries

XV30HMF Numax battery XV30HMF Avon Dale battery

Numax have developed leisure batteries in two different ranges:

MV Marine leisure battery range: This battery is primarily a starter battery with auxiliary leisure power. In other words, it is probably best used on short vacations where mains electricity is available. I like to call it casual camping. Of course, they can also be used for other things. Including caravans, boats, fishing setups, electric fences, and more These batteries don’t have starting capability. All the batteries in the MV range come with a 2-year warranty.

XV Duel Purpose Marine Leisure Battery Range: This battery can be used as a starting and deep-cycling marine leisure battery. for the more serious motorhome user. This range of batteries is, of course, perfect for high-drain uses like starting marine engines, moving caravans with motor movers, and much more. All XV batteries come with a 3-year warranty.

So, the most popular battery in the XV range is the XV31MF leisure battery. Because of the NCC verification’s this battery is now listed at 105 Ah.

Numax Truck/Tractor batteries

Of course, Numax also offers an extensive range of commercial batteries for trucks and tractors. Including the very popular Numax Leisure Batteries. Naturally, this battery fits many larger horse boxes, and so we deliver to stables all over the UK. Indeed, farmers are also good customers of ours. Subsequently, buy the popular 622 commercial battery. 644 Numax truck-tractor battery 636 Numax Truck-tractor battery

633 Numax truck-tractor battery 632 Numax truck-tractor battery 630 Numax truck-tractor battery

629 Numax truck-tractor battery 625 Numax truck-tractor battery 624 Numax truck-tractor battery

Numax AGM Car battery

027 AGM Car battery 115 AGM car battery 096 AGM Car battery

Numax EFB Car battery

110 EFB car battery