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Odyssey Battery Basics: Lead Acid, Absorbed Glass Mat and Thin Plate Pure Lead –

Odyssey Battery Basics

Odyssey Battery Basics

Odyssey Battery Basics

Odyssey Battery Basics

So, this is an attached article about the development of “TPPL” technology. Of course, this stands for “Thin Plate Pure Lead”. Significantly, the batteries are fitted with multiple plates, which are made from very thin, pure lead.

Other companies involved in this much improved battery technology include Trojan batteries.

AGM batteries are ideal solutions

So, many of our battery manufacturers have been looking to improve the performance of this battery type. So, we all know that the multiple plates are maintenance-free, low-gas, and meet regulatory requirements. Safe to use in many environments ! Including hospitals, schools, and airports. Currently, many of our AGM batteries are made in China. Subsequently, many of these batteries are below par ? So, not performing as well as they should. Battery specs have come under scrutiny in recent years.

This has led to the AGM battery coming under pressure and having a bad reputation for longevity and general quality. As I have said previously, this has encouraged the larger European and American battery makers to drastically improve their AGM battery products. In my opinion, this will begin to draw a line between the cheap imported AGM batteries and the ones made from the new TPPL AGM batteries.

These new batteries are an excellent choice for the new type of truck battery fitment.

So, there is a need for more reliable batteries that are used on these huge long-distance truckers. In my opinion, thin-plate pure lead is the future and will draw a line. Between quality batteries with a long shelf life. Such as Odyssey, which has a much larger power output and cheap imports mainly from China.

The unique design and enhanced features set AGM batteries apart from conventional lead acid batteries in terms of power, shelf life and durability. And AGM batteries with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology are in a class of their own.

Source: Battery Basics: Lead Acid, Absorbed Glass Mat and Thin Plate Pure Lead – Maintenance – Trucking Info

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