Odyssey Truck batteries-Highlighting the features of EnerSys’ Odyssey AGM batteries

Odyssey Truck batteries

Odyssey Truck batteries

Odyssey Truck batteries

So, when thinking up a suitable title for this post, it reminded me of a recent bad experience with a so-called customer. In fact, the bad experience only occurred the other week (January 2019). As a national battery company, we have a number of delivery options. Consequently, 90% of our deliveries will go out by various courier methods.

Exceptions to this are when we sell larger and more expensive batteries.

because of the weight and value of these larger Odyssey batteries. Of course, then we deliver them on our own transport. In particular, when we sell multiple numbers, many people buy from four to ten batteries, and to be honest, we do not trust any other delivery method.

This is where I come in! Two days a week, we make up runs to various parts of the country involving heavy or expensive battery sales. So, last week was no exception! After two successful delivery days, I received a call from my battery manager, Dave.

Urgent battery delivery required-Odyssey Truck batteries

As a result, Dave received a call from a so-called desperate truck owner. Consequently, the guy’s truck batteries had failed, and he desperately wanted two more new batteries. At the time, he ordered two new batteries from our eBay shop. The batteries that he had ordered were 632 Bosch truck batteries. However, unfortunately, our suppliers were out of stock.

Although he was disappointed, he gave us the option of Panasonic truck batteries. Fortunately for us, these were available, and we agreed on a price. Of course, this type of battery is known as free-flowing lead-acid batteries, coming in with a massive 1150 CCA (cold cranking amps). Naturally, the CCA rating in Odyssey batteries refers to the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver. At 0°F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts.

Subsequently, the best way to replace your battery is to buy the same CCA battery as is fitted, and this is exactly what this guy did.

Delivery to Milton Keynes-Odyssey Truck batteries

However, the customer said that he was desperate for the batteries, and I agreed to an early start after we agreed to an extra delivery charge. So, Saturday morning came, and I departed Yorkshire at 4.30 am to arrive in Milton Keynes at 7 am. On arrival, I called the guy on my mobile, and he met me at the door of his house. Because of the weight of these Odyssey Truck batteries then it takes two people to lift them.

The guy was pleased with the service, and I began my journey back to Yorkshire. I immediately turned around and headed back toward the M1 highway, but a call on my hands-free mobile phone stopped me. I instantly recognised the guy’s South African accent. Horrifically, the blunt accent said that I must turn around and collect the batteries, as he did not want them.

All sorts of things were going through my mind; how could we have gotten this wrong?

On his return to his house, he explained the reason for not wanting the batteries. So, I could not believe it when his reason was that the batteries did not say that they were heavy-duty! These were the exact same as the batteries that he had ordered. Consequently, I tried to explain that these batteries were in fact heavy-duty and exactly what he had ordered.

As you can imagine,-Odyssey Truck batteries

I was devastated and re-loaded the batteries into the van for my final return to Yorkshire. This was the worst case of an awkward customer that I have ever experienced in my 40 years of being in business. Had these batteries gone by courier pallets, then it would have been even worse. Fortunately, my suppliers are willing to return the batteries, and we will be keeping the extra carriage charge for our inconvenience.

Return to Yorkshire

On my return to my depot on Monday, I decided to check the specs of the other battery manufacturers that make this size of battery. As suspected, all the other battery makers had exactly the same specifications.

For example, the Exide 632 Power Pro truck battery has exactly the same specifications as the Panasonic batteries that were delivered. So the guy did not know what he was talking about and was not prepared to listen to what I had to say.

Due to his ignorance and unwillingness to listen,

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I contacted the battery manufacturers directly to inquire about the specifications of their batteries. Surprisingly, all of them confirmed that the specifications were indeed the same across different brands. This revelation further solidified my belief that the customer was simply misinformed.

It was clear that his allegations were baseless and without any factual basis. I decided to compile all the information and present it to the customer, hoping to finally put an end to this unnecessary dispute.

In conclusion, this experience was my first such bad one, and I hope it will be my last.

Today’s commercial vehicles have to power a range of accessories inside the cab and out. With the ODYSSEY battery, drivers can obey the no-idling laws but keep their on-board accessories running, even when the engine isn’t! The ODYSSEY battery’s massive cranking power will still deliver reliable starts for the long haul.

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Source: Highlighting the features of EnerSys’ Odyssey AGM batteries

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