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Optima Batteries AGM: Versus Lead Acid Again

Optima Batteries AGM

Optima Batteries AGM -Versus Lead Acid Again

I added “again” in the title because the question about AGM versus free-flow lead acid is ongoing and perpetual. This video by Optima batteries will explain the difference better than I can.

Of course, the Optima AGM battery is a different type of battery than, say, a standard AGM battery. For this reason, the Optima battery is a “spiral cell”  AGM battery. Consequently, Optima makes three types of spiral cell batteries: red top, yellow top, and blue top. So the red top is a starting battery; it is designed and built to give high-cranking amps.

The yellow and blue top batteries  are dual-purpose batteries. So not only do they have a high cranking amp capability, but they are also deep cycle for continuous deep cycle usage. In my opinion, the Optima yellow top and the Optima blue top batteries are ideal for leisure use.

Therefore, the red top and the yellow top are for use on vehicles. Including rally and racing cars. This is because these batteries are sealed. So if something happens to the car, then they will not spill out any acid. Consequently, the blue-top battery is for marine use.

Optima Batteries AGM

Optima Batteries AGM- also make a more traditional looking battery.

The Advantages of Optima AGM Batteries Over Free-Flowing Lead Acid Batteries: Discovering the Powerhouse!

Listen up, everybody! Today, we’re exploring the world of batteries, and believe me, it’s going to be a game changer! Consider this: Optima AGM batteries versus traditional free-flowing lead-acid batteries. Prepare to be amazed by the plethora of advantages that Optima AGM batteries bring to the table! Let’s get started and discover the powerhouse of benefits!

AGM Batteries: A Battery Heaven Match

Optima AGM batteries, despite their innovative design, pack a powerful punch.

First and foremost, let me introduce you to the show’s main attraction: Optima AGM batteries. These aren’t your typical acid baths! They’re like superheroes, with their Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology packing a powerful punch. Forget about free-flowing lead-acid batteries; these are in a class by themselves!

Spill-Proof Marvels: A Reliable and Secure Bet

Optima AGM batteries unquestionably provide a spill-proof advantage.

What’s a total game changer, you ask? Spill-proof Optima AGM batteries! That’s right, there will be no more acid baths or leaks. These babies are completely sealed, making them as safe and clean as a whistle. Say goodbye to your concerns about free-flowing acid!

Long-Lasting Stamina: An Enduring Battery

Optima AGM batteries have an impressively long lifespan.

People, pay attention! The marathon runners of the battery world are Optima AGM batteries. They have incredible endurance! These beasts can go the distance, outlasting free-flowing lead-acid batteries by a long shot. Invest in an Optima AGM battery, and you’ll be set for a long time!

Charge Quicker and Smarter: The Speed Demons

Optima AGM batteries charge faster and more efficiently than conventional batteries.

Fasten your seat belts, speed demons! When it comes to charging, Optima AGM batteries are no slouch. They’re the Usain Bolt of batteries, charging faster and more efficiently than their free-flowing lead-acid counterparts. Prepare to rev up and stay energised in no time!

The Unyielding Warriors in Extreme Conditions

Optima AGM batteries, without a doubt, perform exceptionally well in extreme conditions.

What distinguishes the champions? Their ability to deal with extreme situations like a boss! Optima AGM batteries are unyielding warriors who perform admirably in scorching heat or freezing cold. What about those free-flowing lead-acid batteries? They might just stop dead in their tracks!

The Ultimate in Versatility: A Battery for Everyone

Surprisingly, Optima AGM batteries are adaptable to a wide range of applications.

The name of the game is versatility, and Optima AGM batteries reign supreme! These batteries can handle your tough off-road adventures as well as your dependable marine adventures. With those free-flowing lead acid batteries, you can say goodbye to being constrained by limited options!

Optima AGM Batteries are the superior choice!

All things considered, Optima AGM batteries are a cut above the competition.

So, my friends, there you have it! The game-changing Optima AGM batteries are finally here! They are unquestionably the superior choice due to their innovative design, spill-proof advantage, extended lifespan, fast charging capabilities, resilience in extreme conditions, and unrivalled versatility. Optima AGM batteries are a powerhouse that will help you up your battery game. With this battery wonderland, you’ll be able to rev up, stay charged, and conquer the world!

When I say traditional I mean that it is the same shape as a normal looking AGM battery and not spiral. So, like all Optima batteries they are made from 99.9% pure lead. Significantly, this has the added benefit of the battery having a longer life. Of course, this is to facilitate the market for  the “start stop” car market. AGM batteries are now used on many of the vehicles that are now produced.

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