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Optima Battery Marine Application: Portland Marine Electronics

Optima Battery Marine Application

Optima battery Marine Application
Optima battery Marine Application

Optima battery Marine Application

One of the biggest problems when it comes to selling batteries. Of course, what is the price that our customers are willing to pay ? Fortunately, not all of my customers are “skin flints.” But, of course, many are. In today’s electrically dominated world. Batteries are an important part of the puzzle in supplying power. Hence, this includes many types of leisure vehicles. including larger boats and other types of marine vessels.

Unfortunately, we see owners of these vessels buying the wrong type of battery. occurring time and time again. As a result, over the years, there has been a mix-up about the wording “marine leisure battery.” In my opinion, boats are a specialty. Especially the larger boats that perhaps go out to sea. For this reason, these boats require sealed batteries. The AGM batteries are the only truly sealed batteries.

This is where the “penny pinching ” comes in.

AGM batteries are genuine deep-cycle batteries. Therefore, they are more expensive than the semi-traction leisure battery. Consequently, those are used by motorhome people and caravaners. These batteries also come in different brands.

The optima marine battery, with its twin posts, is ideal for your boat application. Not only do they have twin posts to help connect more than one battery safely. Of ¬†course, they are also deep-cycle¬†and maintenance-free. Please don’t forget that battery acid and salty seawater cause reactions. Therefore, a sealed battery is imperative. Naturally, the Optima BlueTop marine battery also doubles up as a starter battery. Accordingly, the most important aspect is that it is sealed and will not allow acid to mix with sea water. Importantly, should an accident occur.

Optima Battery Marine Application; text from the video.

Optima Batteries are your best choice when it comes to selecting batteries for your boat. They are a deep-cycle, start-up battery that is sealed and requires less maintenance. can help you get your boat set up with a new Optima battery setup. Correct charging is also important; a faulty charger can ruin a whole battery bank.

Of course, Optima makes three types of batteries, including the red top and the yellow top batteries.

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