Optima Blue Top 4.2 Marine Twin Post batteries

Optima Blue Campervan batteries-Minivan camper setup with solar refrigerator –

Optima Blue Campervan batteries

Optima Blue Campervan batteries

Optima Blue Campervan batteries
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Of course, I can happily confirm that San Onofre Beach is in the sunshine state of California. So, campervans and other leisure vehicles are commonplace here! Significantly, the leisure facilities are second to none. including great swimming, surfing, and biking, as well as more simple things like sunbathing, fishing, and watching birds (the feathered kind).

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the area on a great tour that was arranged by my good wife, Michelle. So, the trip was to be perhaps the best holiday of our lives! It’s certainly up there with the best of our holidays.

As part of the American National Park network, San Onofre Beach welcomes up to 2.5 million visitors a year. Consequently, the area is one of the top five most visited state parks in California, USA. Also, the park was made and opened by Ronald Reagan, who was governor at the time, back in 1971.

The beach area comprises three different areas: the San Onofre Bluffs, the San Mateo Campground, and the San Onofre Surf Beach. So many visitors go to look at the wildlife. I have the chance to go to places where dolphins, sea lions, and whales are often seen. My passion in life is my love of birds, and so I was astonished at the varied bird life that can be seen.

Optima spiral AGM batteries a good choice.

I now come to the central part of my blog, and that’s the AGM battery sales. although a bit on the expensive side. Then any AGM battery would be a good choice for your campervan or motorhome. I recommend Optima Blue batteries because they are twin-posted. So, connecting more than one battery is an easy task. as you can see in the image that I have included in the post! These Optima Blue Campervan batteries are very compact and look great sitting in their battery boxes!

Of course, Optima batteries are not like the regular rectangular-shaped batteries with lead-alloy plates. Significantly. Optima Blue Campervan batteries have developed a method of spiral cell technology

Here is what Optima have to say-

  • At the heart of every OPTIMA battery is a series of individual spiral-wound cells comprised of two pure (99.99%) lead plates coated in a precise coating of lead oxide. One coated plate is positive and the other is negative.
  • Each lead plate is manufactured as a continuous cast strip that maintains critical thickness tolerances.
  • The two plates get a proprietary separator (this key component is actually made of a micro-fiberglass blend that feels like fine cotton) that performs two critical functions:  Keep the two plates from touching, and hold the electrolyte in a uniform suspension.
  • The unique manufacturing process of spiral winding continuous lead plates is far more precision-controlled. And more expensive than building traditional flat plate AGM batteries.  Custom automated cell-winding machines are required to maintain the close tolerances required to maintain quality and performance.
  • Each completed SPIRALCELL ends up looking somewhat like a precisely wound “Jelly Roll”.  Critical tolerances, temperatures, humidity and automated processes are maintained and constantly monitored.
  • I am convinced, due to experience, that Optima batteries are the finest quality batteries.
Optima Blue Campervan batteries’ precision-moulded cylindrical cases are made to such tight tolerances that only virgin polypropylene can be used. The Optima Blue Campervan batteries may be more expensive but the extra is well worth it in the long run.
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