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Optima Make Great Motorhome Batteries

Optima Make Great Motorhome Batteries
Optima Make Great Motorhome Batteries

Optima Make Great Motorhome Batteries

I must admit that the Optima battery range is often forgotten ! especially for use on motorhomes and boats.

However, the prestigious Optima battery company has been in the battery business for over 40 years. So, developing their range of early AGM spiral cell technology batteries in the 1970’s morphed into the now excellent range of battery products.

Of course, these batteries are in the family of lead-acid batteries. So, it is totally sealed. Because of this, the batteries can be stored and can fit in any position. expressly fitted with an internal safety valve. This offers the battery a precious safety feature . Of course, just in case the battery was overheated. due to uncontrolled charging or, indeed, an external fire.


Extremely important for safety reasons

Of course, this safety feature applies to all brands of AGM batteries. This sealed feature is enabled by the fact that the battery. It contains electrolytes with a mix of sulfuric acid. including fibreglass filling material. Consequently, these materials make the battery spill-proof. Of course, the AGM technology is able to hold a charge longer and power devices more quickly due to its design. Hence the battery being a “deep cycle” battery. Another main advantage compared to the regular leisure batteries that are now very popular.

The Secrets of Optima Batteries’ Spiral Cell Technology,

Greetings, decent individuals! Where have you been? You’re in for a real treat today if you love cars or even if you just need them to get around. Here, we get down to the nuts and bolts of Optima batteries, with a special emphasis on their revolutionary Spiral Cell Technology. It’s not as hard as you might think!

The Best of the Breed Are Optima Batteries

First of all, why are Optima batteries so popular? These batteries are the equivalent of a nice cup of Yorkshire tea in the world of batteries. You may rest assured that you are not getting your hands on a run-of-the-mill Joe (or battery) and that what you are receiving is of the highest quality and performance. The proprietary Spiral Cell Technology used by Optima gives their batteries a number of benefits that are hard to obtain in similar products from competitors.

A Comprehensive Guide on Spiral-Cell Technology

What is this Spiral Cell Technology, and how can we explain it? Imagine the battery’s internals folded up like a roly-poly of your choice. Optima has achieved this by densely packing together all the necessary parts, resulting in a design that is both efficient and robust. This is why it’s so brilliant:

These batteries are built to last, thanks to their tightly coiled design, which protects them from the everyday wear and tear that shortens a battery’s life.

Resilience: Given the UK’s not-so-gentle driving conditions (yes, we’re talking about those potholes), a battery that can take a bit of a battering is a lifesaver.

You should care because…Optima Make Great Motorhome Batteries

Every stone in the Halifax Piece Hall reeks of history, as anyone who has walked its length can attest. Optima is leading the way in battery innovation, much like Halifax was a centre of industry and invention in the past.

And don’t forget the weather in the UK! It drizzles one day, pours the next, and then, if we’re lucky, the sun will shine for a while. Optima batteries, with their Spiral Cell Technology, are constructed to survive extreme conditions.

In Conclusion Is it advisable to get an Optima battery?

In conclusion, Optima batteries are worth considering if you’re looking for durability, longevity, and a sturdy power source that can withstand the severe weather common in the United Kingdom. These batteries are constructed with the same care and attention to detail as Halifax’s historic buildings.

Do you have any comments or pressing questions? Please share your thoughts by commenting below. Come by the garage for a chat if you’re ever in the Halifax area.

Optima batteries are also AGM-quality batteries. Optima Make Great Motorhome Batteries

Of course, for the patriotic among us, the Odyssey batteries are manufactured in Newport, South Wales. So by EnerSys. Consequently, Odyssey products are every bit as good as Optima products. The only difference is that the Optima is a spiral cell technology battery.

Although Optima are more expensive than the standard leisure batteries. Then Odyssey offers battery products that can provide a huge amount of cranking power ! combined with a “Deep Cycle” capability. Cranking power can reach 2250 amps over a 5-second period. So, up to three times the power of the regular starter battery. Significantly, it is capable of providing a charge/discharge rate of 400 cycles at an 80% depth of discharge.

ODYSSEY can achieve such great power results. Because they are made with flat plates made of 99.99% pure lead ? Not the lead alloy.

Simply put, pure lead plates can be made much thinner than regular lead or alloy plates.

So EnerSys can fit more plates in the battery. More ODYSSEY battery plates mean more plate surface area. And that means more power. significantly, resulting in twice the power of conventional lead-acid batteries.

In my opinion, both of these battery brands are exceptional and ideal for your motorhome or boat. Of course, it is important to check to see if your charger is adequate for charging AGM batteries.

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