Canal Boat Battery 6135CB Platinum Heavy Duty Canal Boat Battery

Platinum AGM Motorhome battery-Delivered to Roman Settlement of Ribchester

Platinum AGM Motorhome battery

Platinum AGM Motorhome battery

Platinum AGM Motorhome battery

Platinum AGM Motorhome battery

A certain Mr. Rose contacted us to see if we could help in an emergency ! So, the onset of autumnal weather and the extra demand had finally killed his motorhome battery. Of course, I asked him where he was at the time (hoping it was not too far away) . Enquiringly, I asked the question, and happily, Mr. Rose replied that he was visiting the Roman settlement of Ribchester !

I was relieved that it was close by. Then I obliged by honouring his request for a new motorhome battery . Of course, to be delivered near Ribchester at the “Dale Hey Touring Park” . I say nearby; it was about a one and a half-hour drive away from our base in Halifax. Compared to some deliveries then this was an easy one !

Ribchester a little known Roman settlement in the heart of Lancashire

So, I did know of Ribchester. Because my son Aaron was a regular visitor there giving me good reports and a good place to visit. Known by the Romans as “Bremetennacum Veteranorum” then Ribchester was first inhabited as a Roman settlement in the early 70’AD. Notably, it was part of an important network of the Romans defense forts that stretched across the then nation of “Britannia”. 

Many great historical facts can be obtained from The “Ribchester Museum Trust” Website. So our customer, Mr Rose, wanted us to supply him with the same “replacement motorhome battery”. Naturally we obliged and I took along a┬áPLATINUM AGM PLUS LEISURE BATTERY 12V 100AH AGMLB6110L.

So, Mr Rose met me at the site entrance

and the battery was successfully delivered. This particular day was warm and sunny ! So I decided to have a wonder about.

Wow what a beautiful and peaceful place this was. My favourite place in the whole world is my county town of York. Steeped in history just like York , I had a feeling been in a time warp and was filled with ambiance.

To conclude, Ribchester is little known outside Lancashire and is well worth a visit. Especially if you are touring in your caravan or motorhome. Especially if you require a Platinum AGM Motorhome battery.

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