Platinum Electric Fence Batteries

Platinum Electric Fence Batteries-Eco-friendly Ideas For Horse Housing And Care

Platinum Electric Fence Batteries

Platinum Electric Fence Batteries

Of course, it is a simple fact that Britain is an animal-loving nation. As a result of this, we have to look at ways of safely keeping these animals from harming themselves. Generally speaking, the larger animals, such as sheep up to horses, are kept on smallholdings. However, we do have at least one customer who keeps the foxes away from his chickens by using an electric fence.

can batteries be used for eclectic fences

Yes, Platinum Electric Fence Batteries can be used to power electric fences. Electric fences are used to contain animals or deter intruders, and they work by delivering a brief electric shock to anyone or anything that comes into contact with the fence.

The shock is delivered by an energizer, which is a device that produces a high-voltage pulse of electricity.

Energizers can be powered by a variety of sources

including Platinum Electric Fence Batteries, solar panels, and AC power. If you are using a battery to power your electric fence, it is important to choose a battery with a high capacity and a low self-discharge rate, as the fence will be drawing a small amount of power continuously.

It is also a good idea to use a battery with a built-in charge controller, as this will help to regulate the flow of electricity and extend the life of the battery.

The guy uses a 75 AH leisure battery for this purpose.

The ideal solution, in my opinion, would be to alternate two of these batteries. However, as you can see in the image, the smallholder has been fitted with a smart inline battery charger. Consequently, I see no reason why this method should not work.

Although the attached article is from an Australian publication, it contains similar information and advice for our smallholders here in the UK. Electric fences are a great idea to keep animals in and out of their paddock which ever country you may happen to live in.

Car batteries were once used

I can remember in my early days in the battery trade when people were looking for a battery that would operate the early golf trolleys and also electric fences. Predominantly, people would try to use Platinum Electric Fence Batteries.

I can imagine a guy who invented a type of golf trolley and constantly went through car battery after car battery. Of course, these would only last for a short time.

Sooner or later, the batteries would give up on him and fail.

I believe that he gave up on the idea in the long run. Electric fences were also at an early stage. Farmers were probably the first to try electric fences.

So, I can also remember one particular farmer who always used the biggest truck battery possible, thinking that it would last for ever?

However, this was not the case! These were starter batteries, which were not designed to store energy but rather to power an engine on a cold winter morning.

Deep-cycle Platinum Electric Fence Batteries, were supposed to be the answer. These were developed by the American Air Force, and the deep-cycle battery was developed. These batteries had thicker plates and could store more energy when charged.

Leisure battery developed

This type of battery then developed into the AGM and leisure battery including the Platinum Electric Fence Batteries. A deep cycle was to be the answer. So, deep cycle electric fence batteries, was to be the answer. A deep cycle was to be the answer.

For this reason, we now recommend these electric fence batteries for use on electric fences. There are several good brands, and one that we think is up to the job is the 75 Ah Platinum battery that is used in the leisure industry.

Consequently, you could use bigger batteries, but these are a nice weight to carry and are up to the job. Platinum electric fence batteries price, electric pressure washer, electric fence batteries , electric fence batteryplatinum leisure battery, cattle electric fence batteryplatinum leisure.

Of course, two of these Platinum Electric Fence Batteries lead acid batteries are ideal.

You can keep one charged at all times and simply swap them out as needed. Also, the method used by one of my customers with an inline charger is a good idea. But don’t forget to protect it from the elements in the winter!

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