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Platinum Low Box AGM Battery- To Motorhome park near to “Roman Baths” Ravenglass Cumbria

Platinum Low Box AGM Battery

Platinum Low Box AGM Battery
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Platinum Low Box AGM Battery

Platinum Low Box AGM Battery

So this was to be another wonderful delivery day. Taking me from Mary port in Cumbria to another beautiful and peaceful place called Ravenglass. Ravenglass, was further south and is a coastal estuary village of three rivers  the river Irt, river Mite and the river Esk. So, this particular day was a beautiful sunny September. Typically starting out cold in the morning and the heat built up to a comfortable 23 degrees.

Maryport is another blog so my last battery delivery was to be the 100AH AGM Platinum battery. Ravenglass was a a new discovery to me. On arrival, then the first thing you see is part of the river estuary with a couple of tied up yachts bobbing up and down in the water. In the hope that I could get home early then I parked the van and decided to look around on foot.

Steam Railway discovery

I asked for directions of the camp-site from a guy just walking out of the pub. Surprisingly he directed me over a railway bridge. Another one of my loves is anything to do with railways! Especially, steam trains. With this in mind, I hurried up to the bridge to find two railway systems. The main one was the normal size track of British Rail. In the background and to the left was the narrow gauge railway of the “Ravenglass and Eskdale Steam Railway“. Happily I stood and watched as the narrow gauge railway hustled and bustled taking passengers on their round trip journey.

This is part of the unexpected

that I love about delivering my batteries all over the UK. Anyhow, I had a battery to deliver and had to find the campervan site. Asking again, the site was only a couple of roads away, and off I went. So, another one of my interests is history. Particularly about the Vikings and the Romans. In view of this, I did notice a sign pointing to the “Roman Baths” on my way to the campsite.

Although I had spent too much time in Ravenglass I could not resist visiting the Roman baths. In thus case, the baths were a two mile walk through a wooded footpath. Amazingly the baths were just stood there at the edge of the woods where it met the open field.

Massive Roman fort at Ravenglass

Interestingly, the baths were fenced off and there was a very interesting historical explanation on a board. Astonishingly, this part of the UK was a massive Roman settlement and fort. So, the baths were the only remaining part of the massive infrastructure. Goods and food were delivered for the Roman troops stationed at “Adrian’s Wall.”. Consequently, the goods and food were loaded by sea at Ravenglass and then transported all the way by road. This was a fantastic discovery and one that I will never forget.

So two videos were made about the research into the Romans of Ravenglass.

Finally for some more important advice then I recommend that take a look at this excellent blog post from “SAGA”

Power on the Go: Platinum Low Box AGM Battery in Camper Vans
Platinum Low Box AGM Battery
Platinum Low Box AGM Battery

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The Platinum Low Box AGM Battery is a power unit. It’s designed for vehicles that need a strong, reliable energy source. It’s compact, high-performing, and durable.

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This battery offers three key benefits. First, it has high power output. Second, it resists vibration. That means it can handle those bumpy roads. Third, it needs little maintenance. Install it, and enjoy the journey.

Where to Install the Battery?

The Platinum Low Box AGM Battery is versatile. It fits in various locations within your camper van. Under a seat. In the engine compartment. Wherever it suits your van layout.


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