Porsche Car Batteries

Porsche Cayenne Battery EA1000 Exide

Porsche Cayenne Battery EA1000 Exide

Porsche Cayenne Battery EA1000 Exide
Porsche Cayenne Battery EA1000 Exide

Porsche Cayenne Battery EA1000 Exide

Believe it or not, the Porsche used to be the dream car for many teenagers who had just passed their driving test. When I was a young man working for our local garage, it was only the super-rich that could afford one. So, I worked in a small garage in the mill town of Batley in west Yorkshire, UK.

We had a preference for servicing British Leyland cars.

However, we would not turn any work away, including a Porsche belonging to Mr. Fox of the famous Fox’s Biscuit family. We were fortunate enough to service and repair all their family cars and offer a collection and return service from door to door.

We still offer this service in my garage in Halifax today. However, my boss, garage owner Tom Phillips, was the only one allowed to drive this prestigious car. I was once allowed to fit a battery, but that was about it.

Things have changed

Moving forward, then, things have certainly changed. The Porsche brand has become available to many drivers now because of the sheer volume of older Porsche models on the market. On average, we will see a Porsche of some shape or another turn up for a service or even a new tyre fitting. 

Nowadays, female drivers operate many well-known models.

Porsche has invented itself and entered the SUV market with the Cayenne. This is available in both petrol and diesel models. As expected, these SUV cars are in the upper-end market. Because of the high price and the comfortable and luxurious ride that these vehicles offer.

The Cayenne’s cabin is large and well-equipped with technology, like a touchscreen infotainment system, climate control, and a high-quality sound system. Consequently, the Cayenne has to be fitted with a top-notch, reliable battery. Both the petrol and diesel models are fitted with UK part number 019.

Porsche of course, has its own original equipment part number of 958-611-092-21 and Exide part number EA 1000. Of course, this Exide battery is built to withstand the rigours that a car like the Porsche can throw at it. The Cayenne can be an aggressive driver in all types of terrain.

EA1000 019 battery maintenance-free.

 The maintenance-free design of the battery eliminates the need for routine maintenance, reducing the demand for upkeep and ensuring that it continues to perform well. The EA 1000 battery is made using cutting-edge technology, ensuring dependability and lifespan. It also has high cold cranking power, making it appropriate for use in colder climates.

Its durability and longevity ensure that the Cayenne will continue to function superbly for many years, giving all passengers with a smooth and comfortable ride. Model speeds from zero to sixty miles per hour in 6.8 seconds and has a top speed of 142 miles per hour.

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