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Porsche Turbo Battery test: Including an Air-Con re-gas after lockdown

Porsche Turbo Battery test

Porsche Turbo Battery test
Porsche Turbo Battery test

Porsche Turbo Battery test

Porsche Turbo Battery test

Of course, for some reason, we have been one of the beneficiaries of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. So when our government announced a lockdown, we were as disappointed as the rest of the country. Reluctantly, I had to furlough most of my staff in the garage and MOT section of my business. This would be the first time in some forty-odd years of trading.

Internet sales of batteries were still coming in

so I decided not to furlough our battery staff. Respectfully, as we all know, our streets have been packed with parked cars stretching for miles. Accordingly, there were going to be thousands of drivers with flat batteries.

especially if the car had not been driven at all. I remember thinking that we could be very busy after the lockdown. However, the tap suddenly turned on, and our battery business doubled in volume overnight.

Importantly, people were buying top-of-the-line batteries! At first, we could not understand why this was. However, we came to the conclusion that our online customers were not buying batteries that they thought could be made in China. So, China does have a reputation for supplying cheap goods, and this was the only reason we could think of.

Bosch batteries were one of the most popular choices of car batteries for all brands of cars. Usually, Bosch is a good replacement for the German car brands. Including the Porsche Turbo battery test that we carried out recently. Bosch batteries are also popular choices among BMW and Mercedes drivers. Of course, you can also add in Varta, which has the exact same battery as the Bosch. Importantly, they are made in the same factories across the world.

Here in the UK, we are still in lockdown! However, restrictions have been relaxed, and we decided to remove some of the garage staff from furlough. Fortunately, we are starting to pick up with cars coming in now with the after-lockdown blues! Such things as air-con re-gases and, of course, battery tests. Of course, the Porsche Turbo battery test was only one of many as our customers started up their cars for the first time in ages.

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