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Powersonic AGM Batteries

Powersonic AGM Batteries

Powersonic AGM Batteries

A short history about Powersonic batteries

Powersonic is a brand of sealed lead-acid batteries that are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as emergency lighting, security systems, and backup power.

The company was founded in 1965 and is based in California, USA. Powersonic batteries are known for their reliability, long service life, and ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures.

They are also designed to be maintenance-free and easy to install. Powersonic AGM Batteries offers a wide range of battery sizes and capacities to suit different applications and power requirements.

Powersonic AGM Batteries

Of course, Powersonic is now becoming a top brand when it comes to AGM batteries for all applications.

However, this post is primarily about how the AGM battery works and the differences between the different lead-acid batteries. Of course, AGM stands for “Absorbed Glass Matting.” also known as “SLA batteries,” which stands for “sealed lead acid.”

Powersonic batteries are built from lead plates

both “positive” and “negative.” The lead plates are arranged into cells and placed into the batteries’ casing. then filled with “electrolyte.” Of course, some of these batteries are also known as “VRLA,” which stands for “valve regulated lead acid.”

So, when the VRLA batteries are being charged, small amounts of gas are let out during the recombination process. Importantly, these batteries are still classified as spill-proof batteries. VRLA can be fitted in any position, although upside-down fitments are not recommended.

An added bonus for the user is that these batteries do not require any topping up of the electrolyte and are therefore “maintenance-free” batteries. suitable for a wide range of applications, including recreational vehicles, disabled vehicles, solar storage, and many more!

AGM batteries construction

Powersonic AGM batteries are made the same way that regular lead-acid car batteries are. However, the difference is that a fibreglass mat is placed between the plates.

Both negative and positive plates are fitted with fibreglass. Importantly, this mat acts as a sponge. Thus, the fibreglass acts like a sponge, soaking up all the electrolytes.

Making the battery spill-proof

The electrolyte is allowed to pass through the glass matting. So, letting the liquid electrolyte touch as many of the plates as possible is important. So, without having to add more electrolytes,

Because of this, Powersonic AGM Batteries only need the right amount of liquid to work at their best. So, no free liquid is able to leak out, and the battery is sealed and maintenance-free. There is no need to replenish!

Not all AGM Batteries are used as Deep Cycle

Indeed, the AGM battery is a good choice for use as a “deep cycle” battery. However, this battery type can also be used as a starter battery. The AGM battery has a “depth of discharge” (DoD) of 80%. However, the standard lead-acid car battery has a DoD of 50%.

The AGM battery has a low internal resistance. As a result, it can quickly provide high voltage. suitable for recent advances in “start-stop” car technology.

Consequently, AGM batteries have replaced the conventional lead-acid battery. They are not capable of withstanding the amount of stopping and starting involved when using a stop-start vehicle.

Faster charging

Another known fact about Powersonic AGM Batteries is that they are able to charge up to five times faster than a conventional lead-acid battery. However, AGM batteries can be sensitive to an overcharging regime. Here is a great Powersonic guide to charging batteries.

Finally, if you are thinking about replacing your mobility scooter batteries or any other vehicle fitted with an AGM battery, then please give Powersonic AGM Batteries your consideration.

Powersonic have now pulled out of the UK and are based in Holland.

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