Exide Excell EB500-Type 012-079 Car Battery

012/079 Exide Excell EB500-Car Battery

Exide Excell EB500-Type 012-079 Car Battery

EB500 battery

  • Brand: Exide
  • Range: – Excell
  • 12 volts
  • 50 Ah
  • 450 En
  • Length: 207; Width: 175; Height: 190
Positive terminal on the right, excell eb500 exide, battery exide excell car eb500, exide excell car battery 079se, exide eb500 starter battery.Exide Excell Type 012 Car Battery – 3 Year Warranty

Introducing Exide Excell Car Batteries: 012 & EB500

The Ultimate Combination of Affordability and Performance
? Exide Excell 012 & Exide EB500 Batteries: Elevate Your Driving ExperienceIf you’ve been searching for a car battery that combines efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, look no further! Exide’s Excell 012 and EB500 batteries are designed for cars with standard electrical requirements. Drive worry-free with these 50Ah, 450EN power packs that provide unbeatable starting power and longevity.

? Key Features:

1. Exceptional Starting Power
  • Exide Excell 012 & EB500: Both batteries offer an extraordinary 450 Energy Number (EN), ensuring your car starts quickly and effectively in any weather condition.
2. 50Ah CapacityEquipped with a robust 50Ah capacity, these batteries are designed to meet the standard power needs of most cars.3. Durable DesignBoth models feature a hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant construction for enhanced longevity.4. Fully Sealed and Maintenance-FreeForget about the hassle of regular check-ups. These batteries are maintenance-free!5. Fit for a Variety of CarsFrom compact cars to mid-range vehicles, these batteries are universally compatible.6. Trust the Exide GuaranteeEnjoy the assurance of a dependable warranty for peace of mind.

? Exide Excell 012: The Perfect Blend of Power and Price

When it comes to combining efficiency with affordability, the Excell 012 reigns supreme. Designed for the budget-conscious driver, this battery offers reliable starting power without compromising on quality.

? Exide EB500: The Everyday Battery for the Everyday Car

Meet the EB500: a battery designed for the average vehicle with standard electrical needs. It’s the battery that won’t let you down, providing consistent, reliable power, day in and day out.

Why Choose Exide?

? Over 130 years of battery innovation and expertise.? Leading the way in sustainable and high-performing battery solutions.? Trust earned from millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

? Limited Time Offer:

Purchase either the Excell 012 or the EB500 and get a free battery check-up and discounted installation at select Exide dealers.

Reliable. Affordable. Unbeatable.

Exide’s Excell 012 and EB500 are the best choices for cars with standard electrical needs.Don’t wait! Equip your car with the power it deserves!
To learn more or to find a local dealer, visit the Exide website or call our customer service line.01422 410899
Note: Always check your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure battery compatibility.Of course, the “Exide Excell Batteries” are of unequal quality! including high-performance, quality batteries. Importantly, for everyday vehicles Ironically, these Exide Excell EB500 are probably recommended for standard cars.So, with standard electronic systems, Of course, for vehicles with more power and more sophisticated electronics, we recommend using Exide Premium batteries.