069 Lucas Premium battery-Heavy Duty

012 Lucas Quality Car Battery- Maintenance Free Battery

012 Lucas Quality Car Battery

012 Lucas Quality Car Battery

  • Lucas New Car Battery
  • Sealed, maintenance- MAINTENANCE FREE
  • 12V, 45 AH
  • Corrosion resistant
  • SPECS : L 210 mm x W 175 mm x H 190 mm

  • Lucas Premium Batteries: 012 & PL012

    The Gold Standard for Everyday Reliability

    ? Product OverviewMeet the Lucas Premium Batteries, specifically the 012 and PL012 models. Designed to suit vehicles with standard electrical needs,
  • These batteries boast a 45-Ah capacity and 390 mAh (EN). If your car doesn’t demand a lot of power for onboard electronics, but you still
  • If you want a trustworthy source of energy, look no further than Lucas Premium Batteries.

    ? Key Features

    1. Steady 390 Energy Number (EN) Both the Lucas 012 and PL012 batteries offer a stable 390EN, making them reliable options for cars with basic electrical demands.2. 45Ah Battery Capacity Equipped with a moderate 45Ah capacity, these batteries cater to the electrical needs of most average vehicles.3. Rugged Durability Made with high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, these batteries are built to last, offering an extended lifespan.4. Maintenance-Free Ease These batteries come fully sealed, meaning they are maintenance-free for your convenience.5. Universal Compatibility Thanks to their versatile design, these batteries can be installed in a wide array of vehicles with standard electrical needs.6. Lucas’ Quality Assurance Rest easy with Lucas’ solid warranty, covering you for any unexpected issues.

    ? Lucas Premium 012: Affordability Meets Reliability

    The Lucas 012 model is your ideal partner for everyday driving, offering dependable power without the extra cost.
  • Its 45Ah capacity and 390EN provide just the right amount of energy for vehicles with standard electrical needs.

    ? Lucas Premium PL012: Premium Performance, Everyday Dependability

    The PL012 offers a step up in the Lucas Premium range, providing consistent, reliable power with the quality assurance of the Lucas brand.
  • Designed for drivers who expect a little more from their everyday battery.

    Why Choose Lucas?

    ? A legacy of over 125 years in automotive excellence.? An enduring commitment to quality and reliability.? Trusted by generations of motorists and professionals alike.
    ? Note: Always consult your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines to verify battery compatibility before making a purchase.
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