100 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta-E9

012 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta ref B19

012 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta ref B19

012 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta ref B19

  • 45 Ah 400 CCA
  • L  207  W  175  H  190

Varta Black Top Batteries: 012 & B19

Reliable Power for Everyday Driving

? Product OverviewIntroducing the Varta Black Top 012 and B19 batteries, designed specifically for cars with standard electrical needs. With 45Ah capacity and a solid 400 Energy Number (EN), these batteries are the epitome of reliable, everyday performance for vehicles without a high demand for electrical power.

? Key Features

1. Solid 400 Energy Number (EN) Both the Varta 012 and B19 batteries provide reliable, consistent starting power, rated at a dependable 400EN.2. 45Ah Battery Capacity With a moderate 45Ah capacity, these batteries are an excellent fit for vehicles with standard electrical requirements.3. Built to Last Manufactured with high-quality, durable materials, these batteries are designed to resist wear and tear, providing a longer service life.4. Maintenance-Free Convenience Fully sealed and maintenance-free, these batteries offer a fuss-free user experience, making them perfect for those who want straightforward reliability.5. Versatile Fit Thanks to their adaptable design, these batteries are compatible with a broad range of cars, ensuring easy installation.6. Varta’s Quality Guarantee Each battery is backed by Varta’s comprehensive warranty, offering peace of mind with your purchase.

? Varta Black Top 012: Dependability at an Unbeatable Price

The Varta 012 is the perfect choice for those who need reliable, everyday battery performance without any frills. Its 45Ah capacity and 400EN ensure you get all the essential power you require for typical daily driving.

? Varta Black Top B19: Consistent Power, Everyday Reliability

The 012 Varta Black Top Battery (Varta ref B19) offers an ideal balance of performance and affordability. Designed for the average driver with standard electrical needs, it’s the go-to battery for dependable daily usage.

Why Choose Varta?

? Over a century of German engineering excellence.? A focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly production.? Trusted by professionals and everyday drivers alike for quality and durability.
? Note: Always check your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the correct battery compatibility before making a purchase.
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