Numax AGM Battery

017AGM Numax-Start-Stop-Battery

017AGM Numax-Start-Stop-Battery

017AGM Numax-Start-Stop-Battery

  • AGM Technology
  • 12 Volts
  • 95 Ah
  • 850 CCA (EN)
  • Length  353 mm   Width  175 mm  Height inc terminals 190 mm
  • 3 Year Guarantee


1. Long lifespan: The 017AGM Numax battery has a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective option for your Range Rover Vogue.2. High-performance: This battery delivers excellent performance and is designed to handle the demands of luxury cars.3. Maintenance-free: The 017AGM Numax battery requires no maintenance, eliminating the need for periodic maintenance checks and water refills.4. Dependable: It is a dependable battery that provides consistent power output and is resistant to vibration and shock.5. Versatile: The 017AGM Numax battery is suitable for use in various luxury car models, including the Range Rover Vogue.

Of course, the Numax

AGM battery features a Deep-cycle feature. Consequently, gives you an even higher cyclic capability and therefore recharges much faster. Thus, than a more conventional type of 017/019AGM Numax AGM-Start-Stop Battery .Significantly, this extra power is essential. Especially when it comes to advanced car engine emission systems. Finally, on vehicles that employ regenerative braking systems and other fuel-saving technologies.