020 Varta Start-Stop Battery

020 Varta Start-Stop Battery- AGM-short code H15

020 Varta Start-Stop Battery

020 Varta Start-Stop Battery



12V, 105 Ah



SPECS : L 393 mm x W 175 mm x H 190 mm



Of course, The VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM stands for unparalleled performance. Hence, with 3 times the cycle life of conventional batteries,. So, the VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM is the perfect choice for vehicles.

Naturally, with the highest energy demands,.

This can be due to heavier usage, cold winters, hot summers or multiple accessories and equipment. Of course, that is why you´ll find a VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM. Subsequently, in 80% of newly manufactured cars with start-stop technology powered by AGM car batteries,.

Like everything else in life, it is only a matter of time. When your stop-start batteries begin to wear out,. In the first place, your new batteries will handle your daily trips with no sign of any problems.

Unfortunately, though, after about two years,

the agm start-stop battery will start to play up. As expected, they will not last you forever. So, Varta Start-Stop batteries have to work very hard. Of course, they are deep-cycle batteries and so after many chargers.All of a sudden, your batteries will start to play up. Especially when you go away on holiday. Cheapest 020 varta start stop battery, Best 020 varta start stop battery, 020 varta start stop battery equivalent, varta 020 agm battery, varta aux14 battery.Hi, all our 020 Varta Start-Stop Battery product sales are kept on file in case of any future warranty problems. One of the reasons that we can keep our prices low is that all the records are kept electronically. I hope that reply is OK for you Our customer’s protection is important to us and always honoured.