005L-EFB-Start Stop-Car battery-ApolloPower

027 EFB Car Battery-ApolloPower

027 EFB Car Battery-ApolloPower

027 EFB Car Battery-ApolloPower

  • Start-Stop car battery
  • ECM Technology
  • 60 Ah  560 CCA (EN)
  • L 242  W 175  H 190
Three-year Warranty

Of course, the ECM (Enhanced Cyclic Mat), also known as AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) or EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery),

Consequently, it is an evolution of the traditional lead-acid battery. Naturally, it has been designed to meet the requirements of the new Start/Stop micro-hybrid compact vehicles.

This range is specifically manufactured to be installed on Micro-Hybrid vehicles that DO NOT have the regenerative braking system.

Subsequently, the Start/Stop ECM is a reliable power source. Supplying all ancillary equipment. Including all ‘in-car electrical loads’. Hence, even when the engine is in an idle or off position,

Offering up to twice the cyclic capability of standard wet-flooded batteries.

ECM: Battery Evolution: 027 EFB Car Battery-ApolloPower

Of course, ECM batteries have been specifically designed to meet the needs of modern-day Apollo Power Start/Stop vehicles.

So, providing longer life, increased performance, and the ability to cope with increased cyclic demand

Lastly, by incorporating an ‘Increased Electrolyte Reservoir, the battery’s ability to cope with increased cycles is dramatically improved.

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