063 Lucas Premium battery

027 Lucas Premium battery

027 Lucas Premium battery
  • 12V – 60 AH
  • Corrosion resistant SPECS : L 243 mm x W 175 mm x H 190 mm
  • 16 KGS
  • Unfortunately, Lucas, do not manufacture their own “027 Lucas Premium battery” anymore. Therefore, the current owner of the battery label rights makes sure that the batteries that they use are top quality. Lucas electrical products have always had a reputation second to none.

    027 Lucas Premium Car battery

    First of all, Lucas has an excellent range of “cheap car batteries”. Most of all, these include the Lucas Premium and the 027 Lucas Premium battery, range of batteries. Most noteworthy, our top range of batteries that fit a much higher range of cars and are made to the top specifications, equalling other top brands that we at BatteriesOnTheWeb can offer online.

Lucas Premium 027 Battery

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Need-to-Know Basics

Got a modern machine? Brilliant. Welcome to the world of Lucas Premium 027, the drive-enhancer you’ve been waiting for. One number to remember—UK part number LP027. It’s your golden ticket to unparalleled driving bliss.

Why Lucas Premium 027 is a No-Brainer

Four Years of Smooth Sailing We’re talking four worry-free years. That’s your driving nirvana guaranteed.Maintenance-Free Wonder Fit it. Love it. Forget it. It’s the hassle-free companion you didn’t know you needed.Performance You Can Feel 12 volts, 60 Ah, 540 CCA. This is your car’s new pulse of relentless power.

Top Features

  • 60 Ah of Non-Stop Drive Your vehicle craves this kind of relentless energy. It’s time to deliver.
  • 540 CCA for Quick, Easy Starts Cold mornings, rainy nights—none of it matters. Your car is always ready to roar.
  • The Number to Note UK: LP027 Keep it close. It’s your passport to a world of driving excellence.

Specs Snapshot

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 60 Ah
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 540 CCA
  • UK Part Number: LP027

Time to Upgrade Your Ride?

What are you waiting for? Click ‘Add to Cart.’ Dive into four years of high-octane, maintenance-free journeys.
The Lucas Premium 027 isn’t just a battery; it’s an experience, a charge of adrenaline every time you start your car. Ready for the journey of a lifetime? It starts with a click.