097 Square Ford Type Terminals Car battery

037 Numax Car battery Ford Terminals

037 Numax Car battery Ford Terminals

037 Numax Car battery Ford Terminals
  • Part Number: S037
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Numax
  • Voltage: 12  CCA: 320  Ah: 36
  • Positive Right
  • UK Battery Ref: 037
  • Length (mm): 243  Width (mm): 135 Height (mm): 200

Of course, today’s vehicles can place heavy electrical demands on their batteries.

Importantly, this is where the Numax range of car batteries commands respect. Consequently, it is extremely reliable!Of course, they are sturdy and reliable. Giving a good cold start performance and are highly reliable. So, offering great value for money with a  reassuring CCA rating.

Naturally, our Numax Batteries brand has always been synonymous with quality and value for money.

So, over the last couple of years, we have extended the Numax family. This battery fits many early Ford classics such as the Escort, Sierra, Fiesta, and many more.Of course, with innovative products! That ties into the stored energy marketplace, which gives people the choice of buying top-quality products. Subsequently, they are built to the highest standard at a very reasonable price.
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