Exide Excell EB442-Type 063 Car Battery

063 Exide Excell EB442-Car Battery

Exide Excell EB442-Type 063 Car Battery

EB442 battery

  • Brand – Exide
  • Range – Excell
  • 12 volts
  • 44 Ah
  • 420 En
  • Length 207  Width  175  Height 175
  • Positive terminal on the right

Exide Excell 063 Car Battery – 3 Year Warranty

Of course, the “Exide Excell Batteries” are of unequal quality! including high-performance, quality batteries. Importantly, for everyday vehicles. Ironically, these Exide Excell EB442 are probably recommended for standard cars.So, with standard electronic systems, Of course, for vehicles with more power and more sophisticated electronics, we recommend using Exide Premium batteries.Of course there are many of our online customers that will type different words into the search engines. So, to help them find the battery product that they are looking for.For example, exide excell battery eb442, is a very popular search phrase, and also best 063 car battery is a very popular search term. Of course car, leisure, truck and tractor batteries do have the same part numbers.We also highly recommend that you fit a like-for-like battery on your vehicle. So, for example, an EFB battery should be replaced by another EFB battery. Exide Battery Finder