075 battery fits Renault Laguna

075 battery fits-BMW 3 Series-ApolloPower

075 battery fits BMW 3 Series

075 battery fits BMW 3 Series
  • Apollo-power battery 12-volt 60 a/hour   550 CCA (EN)
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fit and Forget  No Top-Ups
  • Calcium/Calcium
  • When I looked into battery products to sell. Naturally, I chose to become a Lucas and Apollo-Power battery dealer.Of course, Lucas supplies a great deal of choice when it comes to supplying batteries that fit many vehicles. As expected, they sell batteries to fit cars, trucks, tractors, mobility scooters and also children’s battery operated toys.

Apollopower 075 Maintenance-Free Car Battery

? A True Road Warrior ?


Meet 075 battery fits BMW 3 Series, your new co-pilot on the road. So you’ve got a modern car? Fantastic. Rocking an early BMW 3 series? Even better. This is your battery. Simple as that.

Why Choose Apollopower 075?

Maintenance-Free Goodness No top-ups. No bothersome checks. Install it and you’re set. Seriously, it’s that easy.Universal Compatibility Perfectly, seamlessly fits most modern cars. Especially early BMW 3 series models. Just plug it in and zoom away.Unbeatable Reliability Cold mornings? No problem. This battery fires up your engine, unfailingly, even in extreme conditions.


  • Durability Sturdily built to last. Made for the long haul.
  • Eco-Friendly Sustainably sourced materials. Feel good, drive better.
  • Advanced Safety Safety isn’t optional, it’s built-in. Smartly engineered for peace of mind.


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 60Ah
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 550 CCA
  • Dimensions: 243 x 175 x 175 mm

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So there you have it—Apollopower 075, a maintenance-free car battery designed for you and your lifestyle. Drive freely, drive confidently. With Apollopower 075, you’re always in good hands.