027 Car Battery-By ApolloPower

075 battery-Ford Fiesta Diesel

075 battery fits Ford Fiesta Diesel

Ford Fiesta Diesel 96-battery

  • Apollo-power battery 12-volt 60 a/hour   550 CCA (EN)
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fit and Forget  No Top-Ups
  • Calcium/Calcium
  • When I looked into battery products to sell. Naturally, I chose to become a Lucas and Apollo-Power 075 battery fits Ford Fiesta Diesel dealer. Of course, Lucas supplies a great deal of choice when it comes to supplying batteries that fit many vehicles. As expected, they sell batteries to fit cars, trucks, tractors, mobility scooters and also children’s car battery operated toys.
Certainly! Maintaining your vivacious and candid style, here’s a bespoke product description for the Apollopower Premium 075 battery, emphasizing its compatibility with Ford Fiesta Diesel:

Apollopower Premium 075 Battery

? Kickstart Your Drive: Optimize Your Ford Fiesta Diesel Experience! ?

The Basics

Owner of a Ford Fiesta Diesel? Fantastic! Time to get acquainted with Apollopower Premium 075, your car’s newfound energy source. Make a note—UK part number AP075. It’s your gateway to uninterrupted driving joy.

Why Apollopower Premium 075 Reigns Supreme

Three Years of Uninterrupted Cruising Welcome to three years of serene journeys. It’s not just a warranty; it’s your all-access pass to driving delight.Zero Maintenance, Zero Worries! Install it. Relish it. Forget about it. It’s the zero-hassle ally every Ford Fiesta Diesel needs.Undeniable Energy 12 volts, 60 Ah, 540 CCA. It’s not about numbers; it’s about unleashing your car’s full potential.

Feature Breakdown

  • 60 Ah of Continuous Power Your Ford Fiesta Diesel deserves this surge of enduring power. It’s time to supercharge.
  • 540 CCA for Relentless Starts Rain, shine, or frost—your Fiesta is ever-ready to roll with fervor.
  • Remember This Number UK: AP075 It’s your key to unmatched driving enthusiasm.

Snapshot Specs

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 60 Ah
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 540 CCA
  • UK Part Number: AP075

Ready to Unleash the Power?

Don’t just sit there. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and step into three years of thrilling, hassle-free Ford Fiesta Diesel rides.
The Apollopower Premium 075 is not just a battery—it’s the heartbeat of your Ford Fiesta Diesel. Ready to revamp your driving escapades? The journey to untold driving stories is just one click away!