100 ApolloPower Car Batteries

096 ApolloPower Car battery-Ford Focus Diesel

096 ApolloPower Car Battery: Ford Focus Diesel

096 ApolloPower Car battery-Ford Focus Diesel

  • Sealed, Maintenance-Free
  • 12V, 74 AH
  • Corrosion resistant
  • SPECS : L 278 mm x W 175 mm x H 175 mm
  • 17 KGS

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They supply batteries from all leading petrol brands, from Lucas to Varta. They supply batteries for volvo cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, solar energy, and mobility scooters. We are also stockists of ApolloPower and Bosch batteries in the Yorkshire area. Customers can collect their batteries from Pellon Lane in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Lastly, it is advised to phone us and check stock first.

Apollo Power 100 cheap car batteries: 70 Ah, 680 SAE

“Here at ApolloPower, we’ve got a fantastic range of batteries, no doubt about it.Batteriesontheweb, on the other hand, also brings you the Apollo Power Premium and the Lucas Supreme, offering budget-friendly car battery options.What’s more, we can get those batteries to your doorstep, often on the very next working day, covering most UK postcodes.

Now, let’s talk about the 100 batteries.-096 ApolloPower Car Battery: Ford Focus Diesel

perfect for your average midsize engine car, especially when those chilly mornings hit. It provides top-notch starting power.And for our dear customers in the lovely Yorkshire region of the UK, here’s something special.

We offer a local delivery and fitting service during regular working hours.

So, we can install your ApolloPower battery at no extra cost.Just remember to give us a call first to ensure we’ve got that Ford Focus Diesel Battery in stock.”