012 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta ref B19

100 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta-E9

Bosch-S3007 Varta-E9

100 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta-E9
  • 70 Ah 640 CCA
  • L  278  W  175  H  175

So, with its S5, S4, and S3 batteries Thus, Varta batteries offers three made-to-measure battery lines.

Hence, there are a great variety of requirements and vehicle types. Subsequently, the grid was equipped with special PowerFrame® technology. As a result, it is responsible for optimum electricity flow. including lower corrosion and a longer service life.So, it is crucial for the performance and reliability of these Bosch batteries. Lastly, the Varta S5, S4, and S3 batteries satisfy the stringent international quality requirements.

Of course, for cold-starting performance and capacity. 100 Varta Black Top Battery-Varta-E9

These batteries are excellent for Mercedes, BMW, VW, and Audi car models. Of course, batteries on the web supply all types of car batteries.So, with next-working day delivery, we supply batteries from all leading battery manufacturers, from Lucas to Varta.

Firstly, they supply batteries for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, solar energy, and mobility scooters.

Secondly, we are also stockists of Pennine King Power and Apollo batteries in the Yorkshire area.