110EFB-Start Stop battery-Varta E46

110EFB-Start Stop battery-Varta E46-575 500 073

110EFB-Start Stop battery-Varta E46

110EFB-Start Stop battery-Varta E46
  • Model: 575 500 073
  • Capacity: 75 Ah
  • CCA: 730 A
  • Width: 175 mm
  • Length: 315 mm
  • Height: 175 mm
  • Short Code: E46
  • UK Code: 110EFB

Select a VARTA® 110EFB-Start Stop battery-Varta E46. Of course, for exceptional performance in high-performance applications.

Importantly, VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB batteries have twice the endurance. Say of normal batteries due to their EFB-enhanced technology.Which is appropriate for start-stop vehicles that start the engine many times within a single journey.Select VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB for vehicles with higher-than-average energy demands.Such as those with a more strenuous driving schedule, many accessories and equipment fitted, or start-stop capability without regenerative braking technology.

EFB Batteries’ Role in Start-Stop Technology: Improving Fuel Efficiency and Reducing Emissions

Start-stop technology is transforming the automotive industry. By turning off the engine during idle periods, it contributes to fuel savings and lower emissions.This technology relies heavily on Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB), which provide the necessary power and longevity.Start-Stop Start-stop systems turn off the engine automatically when the vehicle comes to a halt, such as at traffic lights or in a traffic jam.When the driver releases the brake pedal or engages the clutch, the engine restarts.