115-Agm-Start Stop-battery-ApolloPower

115-Agm-Start Stop-battery-ApolloPower

115-Agm-Start Stop-battery-ApolloPower

115-Agm-Start Stop-battery-ApolloPower
  • Start-Stop car battery
  • AGM Technology
  • 80 Ah  800 CCA (EN)
  • L 317, W 175, H 190
  • Three-year Warranty

For one thing, it can be hard to choose a new AGM car battery.

So, we made sure that the labels on the car batteries were easy to read. First of all, to help you find the right car battery Second, choose the size of your car’s engine and the year it was made.If you know your car’s registration number, you can use our car-registration-battery-lookup to find out about your battery.Of course, you can look at car batteries that might work for your car. Don’t forget to check the battery.Lastly, you should measure it against your current cheap car battery to make sure it will fit.

Of course, you should also check whether or not your car is a stop-start model. Because of this, the battery you choose will be different.

Because of this? For cars that stop and start, you need an AGM or EFB battery. Apollo Power’s AGM batteries are good.The Start/Stop Plus AGM batteries have, of course, better performance when the car starts and stops.So, not only can they handle the increased demand for fuel-saving devices on vehicles, but as a result, they can power a wider range of extra equipment than the ECM.
Even when the engine is in the “idle” position, it makes sense. 115-Agm-Start Stop-battery-ApolloPower
Without a good start-stop battery, a car might break down more often, use more gas, and put out more pollution.So, it’s important to spend money on a good start-stop battery if you want to get the most out of start-stop technology and drive smoothly and efficiently.

AGM – Battery Evolution-115-Agm-Start Stop-battery-ApolloPower

One of the main distinguishing features of the AGM battery is the ‘Gas Recombination’ technology it utilizes.

This process keeps any Oxygen & Hydrogen that may have escaped from a standard lead acid battery within the Apollo Power AGM battery throughout the charging cycle.

The Oxygen released from the positive plate recombines with the Hydrogen in the negative plate, following the breakdown of water during charging.

This establishes a closed electrochemical cycle, with ZERO gas emission or water consumption.