574012068-E11-096 Varta Blue Battery

574012068-E11-096 Varta Blue Battery

574012068-E11-096 Varta Blue Battery
  • 574012068-E11-096 Varta Blue Battery
  • 12V 74 AH  680 CCA
  • Bosch battery Equivalent S4008
  • 278 mm x 175 mm x 190 mm


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The Varta Blue Battery (574012068-E11-096) is a high-performance, reliable source of power that can be used for many different things.With its advanced technology and high-quality materials, this battery works well and lasts a long time, making it the best choice for anyone who needs a reliable power source that will last.The Varta Blue Battery is just what you need to power your car, motorcycle, or even a small electronic device.So why hold out? Get this high-quality battery today and see for yourself how powerful and reliable Varta is.

Of course, the VARTA® Blue Dynamic. Consequently,

fits vehicles with higher than normal energy demands. So, if you´re looking for a battery with extended cycle life.Hence, compared to a conventional VARTA battery. Subsequently, the VARTA Blue Dynamic is the right choice.Naturally, batteriesontheweb.co.uk can supply any Varta Blue batteries to most UK postcodes. So, with a next-working-day delivery,Of course there are many of our online customers who will type different words into the search engines.So, to help them find the battery product that they are looking for, For example, 096 car battery, is a very popular search phrase, and 574012068-E11-096 Varta Blue Battery is a very popular search term.

Using an auto battery under leisure battery conditions will result in a very short battery life.

The fundamental difference in behaviour and performance is due to the construction of the battery plates and the separators between the plates.Leisure batteries have thicker separators and plates and therefore lose less active materials during the charge-discharge cycle.This battery comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.The Varta Blue Dynamic Battery (096) is not only effective at starting your car, but it also has a very long lifespan. Because it is maintenance-free, this battery does not require any sort of maintenance.You can expect it to work reliably once it has been safely installed on your vehicle.