MAC143 Terminals-VARTA-Silver Truck batteries

625SHD-N9 Varta-Silver Truck batteries

625SHD-N9 Varta-Silver Truck batteries

625SHD-N9 Varta-Silver Truck batteries

  • L 518  W 276  H 242
  • 225 Ah 1150 CCA

Promotive Silver Key Benefits

  • Designed for high-performance commercial vehicles with large power demands.
  • Exceeds EN Super Heavy Duty (SHD) requirements (EN 4) standard and vibration resistance (V3)
  • Extremely safe thanks to Labyrinth lid technology, which provides 100% spill protection, even at a 90° tilt
  • Extremely safe thanks to integral flame arrestors, terminal guards and special caps
  • Minimal self-discharge thanks to Calcium-silver technology grid alloy
  • Up to 18 months of shelf life-625SHD-N9 Varta-Silver Truck batteries
  • Latest Original Equipment (OE) technology and lowest water consumption for greatest TCO savings

Of course, as one of the UK’s Varta dealers, we are able to offer this top-of-the-range truck battery.

Hence, to our online customers: Because of the weight and value of these Varta Silver batteries, we deliver them on theeither by pallets or by our own transport. 625SHD-N9 Varta-Silver Truck batteriesYour Varta truck battery should be replaced with the same part number as your old battery, and if fitted in pairs, they should be replaced in pairs.

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