655/647 J1 Varta-Promotive Black Truck batteries

655-J1 Varta-Promotive Black Truck batteries

655-J1 Varta-Promotive Black Truck batteries

655-J1 Varta-Promotive Black Truck batteries

Longer Life: Cost-Saving Black batteryL 347, W 173, H 234110 Ah 680 CCA
  • Promotive Black Key Benefits

    • Designed for vehicles with less-complex power demands-655-J1 Varta-Promotive Black Truck batteries
    • Standard OE technology and low water consumption enable entry level to reduce TCO
    • Meets EN requirements (EN 2) standard and vibration resistance (V1)
    • Minimal self-discharge is possible thanks to hybrid technology, which provides up to 12 months of shelf life
  • Latest Original Equipment (OE) technology and lowest water consumption for greatest TCO savings

Obviously, vehicles that are older or have lower energy needs will have a lower price.

As a result, you continue to require excellent performance on which you can rely.As a direct consequence of this, it is because of the tried-and-true nature of its hybrid technology. As a direct consequence of this, the Promotive Black battery features exceptional power reserves.Notably, it does not require any sort of maintenance whatsoever under typical operating conditions, which ultimately results in reduced costs across the board.

Naturally, as one of the Varta EFB Battery dealers in the United Kingdom

We are able to provide our customers with the option to purchase this premium truck battery. Therefore, for those of you who shop with us online, this is mainly due to the weight and value of these varta batteries.Therefore, we deliver them anywhere on the mainland of the United Kingdom using either pallets or our own transport.It is recommended that when replacing the battery in your Varta truck, you use a battery with the same part number as the previous battery, and if the batteries were installed in pairs, they should also be replaced in pairs.Consequently, Varta offers a Truck battery finder.