Numax AM058L USA type Premium battery

75-550-Numax American Car Battery

75-550-Numax American Car Battery

75-550-Numax American Car Battery

  • (with side terminals)
  • 12V, 60AH, 510CCA
  • 230mm x 179mm x 185mm
“Unleash the power of precision with the Numax 12Volt 60 Amp-510 EN battery, UK Part number 75-550.

Crafted explicitly for American automobiles,

this battery boasts a side terminal design, ensuring an impeccable fit, swift installation, and a steadfast energy connection.With its robust 60-amp capacity, journey into the heart of reliability, experiencing smooth starts and uninterrupted drives.Numax stands as the epitome of excellence, matching the grandeur of your American machine.

When the open road calls, answer with confidence — answer with Numax.”

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