21st Century Bounder Mobility replacement 85Ah Battery pack




  • 12 volt-Lucas Mobility Quality batteries
  • Capacity : 85ah Weight : 25.5 kg Dimensions : 260 mm X 168 mm X 233 mm Battery Type: AGM battery
  • Terminals : Screw-down terminals
  • Battery Type: Standby and Cyclic Batteries
ONE YEAR WARRANTYAs a result, Batteries-on-the-Web offers all types of automobile batteries online.As a result, with next-working-day delivery, they supply batteries from all major battery manufacturers, ranging from Lucas to Varta.For these reasons, it is critical to keep your car in top condition for as long as possible, which can be accomplished through proper car maintenance. Aside from routine oil changes and tune-ups, it is critical that your vehicle be outfitted with dependable and high-performance Lucas Car leisure batteries.

People, like everything else in life, look online for the “best mobility scooter batteries.”

So it’s just a matter of time before you find the right product. 85AH LUCAS GOLF CART BATTERY.When your “shop rider battery” or “pride mobility scooter batteries” start to wear out, your original “mobility batteries” will handle your daily trips. Of course, there is no indication of any problems.

Unfortunately, after approximately two years of driving!

As a result, the old “go-go mobility scooter batteries” will begin to malfunction. They will, as expected, not last forever. All mobility batteries must work extremely hard. As a result, they are deep-cycle batteries and are compatible with a variety of chargers. As a result, your “shop rider scooter battery” will begin to malfunction. especially if you’re climbing a hill.A flashing warning sign will appear suddenly. Naturally, from your “low-power light,”The most common problem, however, is that your scooter begins to struggle to get you home. This can be intermittent at first. Because everything is dependent on how much pressure you apply to the “pride go-go scooter battery.”

For example, if you use it on a flat surface or on a hill,

Once you’ve been given a suggested car battery, you must compare all dimensions, terminal type, and polarity to your current 85AH LUCAS MOBILITY BATTERY.Finally, you can pick up your vehicle from our Pellon Autocentre in Halifax.